Licensed therapists & social workers:

You didn’t start a private practice to be overworked & underpaid

You didn’t start a private practice to be

Create the financial freedom you deserve without increasing your caseload or missing out on life.


Let's build a future where therapists thrive, and society benefits from their well-being.


Your patients and your family deserve a well-rested you


You can build a private practice that pays well without feeling guilt or anxiety


It's possible for you to both enjoy your life and serve your clients


Your practice can be a source of abundance, not just a means of survival.


Let's build a future where therapists thrive, and society benefits from their well-being.


Going to nice restaurants and taking vacations isn't selling out


You deserve to feel safe and in control of your financial well-being.


Build a practice that nourishes your soul and your bank account.


Don’t just work in your practice - make it work for you.

PSA: Raising your fees is not a selfish move

And no, you don’t need to live in a high-income area or over-deliver in every session to “justify” your new fees.

It’s time to disengage from that sting of shame from your peers – wanting to be compensated fairly for your work is NOT a betrayal of your mission to help others.

And growing your private practice doesn’t have to mean stretching yourself thinner – taking on more clients – until burnout is inevitable.

If you’re struggling with the fear that asserting your worth will lead to isolation, to clients walking away, to standing alone in a field that’s supposed to be about connection…

Or that charging more means turning away those in need, pitting your financial well-being against your desire to serve…

It’s time to rethink your relationship with money.

Set your fee the right way

Get access to “The Fun with Fees Calculator”

What if you could take the guilt, shame, and anguish out of setting your therapy or social work private practice fees? Use our proven formula to charge exactly what you need in your current season of life and business.

Introducing the Lean In. MAKE BANK Academy

The only group program and community for licensed therapists and social workers that teaches you to charge your “someday” fee today – while increasing the quality of care for your clients

Amy raised her fees while seeing her ideal clients

“I was seeing 6 or 7 clients a day, and I was exhausted. Now I’m off all insurance panels, and I charge $210 per session while continuing to serve folks in the Queer, BIPOC community.”

– Amy S., LMHC

Alisa went from charging $90/session to charging $200+/session – all while doing better clinical work

“I’ve known I’ve needed to do LIMB for years and finally took the plunge, and it is completely undoing me in the best way. I thought I was giving my clients the best care, and I’m realizing that if I’m not clear on my money stories that are actually linked to so many other things, then I’m not actually giving my clients the care they need.”

– Alisa T., LMFT

Jelisha overcame her negative self-talk, raised her fees, and moved into her dream home

After LIMB, I was no longer okay with “just getting by” – all the things – and the luxury – I ever wanted became my new baseline. Raising my fees has allowed me to be fully present and honest and be able to say, “No, this person isn’t a good fit for me,” and refer them elsewhere without anxiety. Having experienced such a HUGE shift in a short time translates into my clinical work and personal life.

– Jelisha G., LMHC

Caution! Joining the Lean In. MAKE BANK. Academy may lead to…

Getting comfortable with talking to your clients about fee increases, charging cancellation fees, and handling terminations with grace.

Staying in financial integrity and keeping your private practice full yet spacious with clients who are ready to pay your premium fees.

Cultivating a community of peers who don’t side-eye you for charging more – hell, they cheer you on to build a prosperous practice and lifestyle.


Meet your mentor

Hey, I’m Tiffany McLain, LMFT, and I teach you how to charge good money for the good work you do

Ever noticed how we talk about pretty much everything with our clients and colleagues – drug addiction, infidelity, sex, paraphilias, abuse, death, religion, STDs…

…except money?

What’s up with that?

The incredible expertise we bring as change makers has been deliberately “softened” – packaged and positioned as “community care.”

…And taking care of our community should be free or low-cost at best, right?

But let’s be real: how many times have you told yourself, “I don’t do this for money – I came here to help people” – only to feel resentful when you struggle to take a day off and see a client come back rested and sun-kissed after a tropical vacation?

We break that vicious cycle here.

Together, we can create real systemic change AND build a fulfilling life by changing how we think about money.


Because therapists with more money have more capacity to make change

No more googling, “How much do therapists make?” only to spiral into self-doubt without a clear path forward! You CAN build a successful private practice without burning yourself out – whether you’ve been at it for a few years or a few decades.

Aren’t you ready to make THIS your reality?

No more holding back - you get to stand in your financial truth and feel empowered to unapologetically raise your rates

Getting off insurance panels that are limiting your income and the level of care you can offer your clients

Charging your full fees for late cancellations without ZERO guilt

Creating more white space on your calendar for clinical readings, quality time with the fam, or to just BE

Fully funding your savings, including saving for a new car, regular babysitters/date nights, travel with the family, and professional development