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In this episode of The Money Sessions we will be speaking with Josh Wolf-Powers, a clinical social worker and certified clinical trauma professional based in New York.

Josh is a former wall street executive who left the suit and tie game to pursue his passion of making a difference through social work.

In this episode, we get to hear from someone who comes from the professional trajectory that is commonly misunderstood and even vilified.

Josh has zero conflict about making good money, which is exactly why Tiffany was very curious to pick his brain. He will go into detail about his experience creating an investment firm and how it shaped his money mindset. Josh will share his AMAZING fee structure and a game changing cancellation policy.

He will take us through his journey – from social worker, to a friggin’ Wall Street exec and then back full circle, to social work and opening his private practice as a psychoanalyst.

In this episode, Josh will share:

How his experience on wall street has shaped the way he thinks about the exchange of money in his private practice;

His AMAZING fee structure and how he cultivates a zero-guilt money mindset;

His cancellation policy, or lack there of, and how he implemented it with his patients;

The ways being the son of a gay father and a socialist feminist mother drives his desire to give back;

His top three pieces of advice to help you build a less conflicted relationship with money, so you can help others AND make bank.

Resources mentioned:

Lean In. Make Bank.

Fun with Fees Calculator

More about Josh: 

Josh Wolf-Powers is near the end of his training as a psychoanalyst at the Psychoanalytic Training Institute of New York’s Contemporary Freudian Society. Before becoming a social worker, Josh had a career on Wall Street, where he founded Blue Wolf, a private equity investing firm, buying and selling companies on behalf of institutional investors such as labor union and municipal pension funds. In the six years since graduating from social work school, Josh has built a successful group practice with ten affiliated clinicians (and growing), as well as being an affiliate of the Sexuality, Attachment and Trauma Project for which he also is launching the SAT Network, a global team of clinicians working with individuals struggling with ego dystonic or out-of-control sexual behavior, or, as many call it, “sex addiction.”

[Josh lives in Brooklyn with his wife and son, their cat, and – for the duration of the pandemic – two rats who otherwise would be living in their son’s science classroom.]                                                                    Find more at: www.wolf-powers.com