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If you didn’t grow up with money, it’s hard to find financial advisors and tax people who you can trust. This is why I like to bring on the folks from WellnessFi so you can get to know them, learn more about their story, and make an informed decision about who to entrust with your money. 

Today, we’ll be hearing from Eddie Valls, founder of WellnessFi, a bookkeeping and tax advisory company that works specifically with wellness practitioners. This episode will not be about the details of taxes, but rather we’ll dive in and have an in-depth conversation about Eddie’s life – how he got into the finance world and why he ended up specializing in working with therapists.

If I had a company like WellnessFi back when I started in private practice, it would’ve saved me so much time, money, and money anxiety. I just want to help you! Because I’ve had my own notsogreat experiences with tax advisors that ended up costing me more time and even more money.

In this episode, Eddie will share:

His family of origin story growing up and why he became an accountant;

His fears about taking risks and starting his own company;

What allowed him to leave his “secure” 9-5 job to venture out on his own; 

Why he decided he wanted to help therapists; 

The things he notices coming up for therapists when working with them to get their finances straight; 

And his top tactical suggestions for sorting out your finances.

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More about Eddie: 

Eddie Valls is the owner and chief advisor at WellnessFi. He’s a financial and accounting professional with a passion for working with small businesses to help them maximize their wealth. Being married to a therapist, it was a matter of time before he would channel his enthusiasm toward helping his wife’s peers in the wellness community.

His background includes: tax professional at the 3rd largest accounting firm in the world, financial auditor at the 5th largest accounting firm, small business and startup bookkeeper in Silicon Valley, market analyst at a tiny firm in East Austin, a Bachelors degree in finance, and a Masters degree in Accountancy.

Eddie currently resides in Austin where he splits his time between WellnessFi, auditing state agencies, and family time.