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In this episode, we’ll hear from Rose Kormanyos, a therapist in private practice and graduate of Lean In. MAKE BANK. I’ve had the privilege of working with Rose in many different capacities and her story is truly inspiring.

She comes from a science background and always thought of herself as the “trailing spouse” in which her husband was the primary income earner. UNTIL, she had a moment of clarity when she realized she was treating her private practice like the trailing spouse and not really taking her business seriously. The couple couldn’t rely solely on her husband’s income to get to where they wanted to be financially, as well as in life, leaving Rose to conclude that something had to change.

If you’ve ever considered yourself the “trailing spouse” in your relationship, this episode will encourage you to strive for breadwinner status and challenge you to take your private practice seriously.

In this episode, Rose will share:

How she had to overcome her identification as an introvert in order to really grow her practice;

How she’s been able to get her practice established quickly in a new town after moving several times; 

What it felt like to raise her fees from $100 to $175/session; 

How she set a clear and organized cancellation policy; 

The effects these changes have had on her clinical work, as well as her personal life; 

And the impact she’s been able to make with her clients as she continues to challenge her own growth.

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Redwood Counseling

More about Rose: 

Rose Kormanyos is an Independent Marriage and Family Therapist and owner of Redwood Counseling, LLC in Cincinnati Ohio.  Rose specializes in providing “Couples Therapy for Nerds” – meaning couples with one or more members in the S.T.E.M. professions. 

Before becoming a therapist, she trained and worked as an ecologist. She now brings her scientific thinking to help logical minds learn how to slow down and express their deeper emotions in their relationships.  She still frequently unleashes her own inner nerd by hiking with her mischievous Welsh terrier, geeking out at museums with her spouse, and spending an inordinate amount of time at professional trainings with colleagues. 

You can find her practice at www.RedwoodCounselingCincinnati.com, and the Hold Me Tight couples workshop she co-facilitates at www.HoldMeTightCincinnati.com.