Experiment time and YOU’RE invited!

Okay. Okay.

Unfortunately it’s much more vanilla than all that, but still super RAD!

I love connecting to my audience, but I usually only do it through huge launches of very specific programs like NEXT ($4500/person) or Lean In. MAKE BANK.($997/person), but because I only run those a few times a year, it leaves me grinding away all alone in my office the rest of the time. BOE-RING!

I realize it would be way more fun to spend some of that time helping a handful of folks freakin’ kill it in their private practices. Right? RIGHT?! So, I decided to put together an experiment weekly mastermind group to provide community, connection and most importantly biz strategy to help you get your private practice to where you want it to be! 

Here’s what I’m thinking:

  • Weekly 90-Minute Call: Thursdays, 11:30am-1pm PST
  • Start Date: Thursday, May 3rd
  • Pop-Up FB group where I’ll be active M-F (and likely weekends sometimes, cuz that’s how I roll)

What you get:

  • Identify your 90-day goal + map out your plan
  • The wit, charm, and accountability from the powerhouse that will be your other group members
  • Ongoing access to me via the live calls and FB group, where I’ll hone in on what’s holding you back and help you get over the hump and back into excellence
  • Support to help you get unstuck and take action when you’re confused about next steps
  • Encouragement to STICK TO THE PLAN – no more S.O.S (Shiny Object Syndrome)
  • Resources to help you Get. It. Together. when you start spinning out

Okay, this is where it gets ridiculous – but it’s an experiment, so don’t judge me! –your investment (ugh, should I change my mind?! Is it too laaaate?!) – $199/month for 3 months for a total of $597.

But, here’s the catch: The group has to have at least 10 members and can have no more than 15, so I’ll take the first 15 who sign up, but that’s IT. You gotta be motivated and ready to ROCK. This isn’t about a system that *I* create, but rather about getting clear about what YOU want and then setting up the steps to make it happen, with the support to follow through.

For those of you who have worked with me, you know I go WAAAAY above and beyond in biz strategy sessions, so you’ll get MORE than your money’s worth.

I already have 4 people in the group, so there are technically only 11 spots left. If you want in, GET IN – before I change my miiiiiind.

If you have questions, lemme know, but if you want in, get in. I’m shutting this whole thing down on Friday or when the first 11 of you sign up.