As part of our ongoing money series, I am answering YOUR questions about money and private practice.

This week I’m diving into a question from Therapist Heather who wrote in and said:

“How long to full fee clients tend to stay in treatment? Have there been any studies on that? I am able to get a full fee client in my area, but after about 2 months they tend to decrease to every other week and then once month (even saying they wish they could come more but can’t afford it). I’m worried my area just doesn’t have the population to support full fee ($120) for an extended period of time. I’ve tried looking up Fresno and it seems we have higher poverty levels here which may affect my ability to take full fee and fill a practice. When I wasn’t taking insurance I struggled to get even 1 new client a month and could not sustain my practice.” 

It’s a great question and one I’m absolutely certain many of you have!

Check out the latest episode of Ask Tiffany: The Money Series for Therapists in Private Practice, to hear how long you can expect full fee clients to stick around!

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Is it really possible to have full fee clients who are willing to invest in long term psychotherapy?!

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