I am sharing a bonus Ask Tiffany episode this week because you LOVE it.

Okay, okay. Not that you necessarily love aaaAAAall the episodes, but I continue to get an overwhelmingly positive response when I feature real therapists who are making it happen in their own practices.

Therapist like Yunetta Smith! Yunetta is currently at an agency job, but she is rearing up to go out on her own in private practice. You hear a ton about therapists who have already made the leap, but in this episode you get to hear the mindset, challenges, wins and next steps of a therapist who is right smack dab in the freaggin’ middle of the process.

You’ll get to hear:

  • Why Yunetta’s wrapping it up at the agency job
  • How she leaned in and addressed her money mindset blocks
  • What she is putting in place before she leaves her job
  • How she raised her fees, despite her fear

Plus, Yunetta is going to issue YOU a challenge at the end of this episode to go from broke to baller in 2018.

Check it out.

Want to learn more about Yunetta’s course about Boundary Setting?! Check it out here: The Process Is Real

Now, jump on down to the comments section and share one revelation you’ve had about being trapped on the mill of scarcity even as you’ve set up your own practice. Let us know one thing you can do starting today to get out!

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