Wowee WOW! The questions are rolling in. WhooOOOOoot!

If you aren’t in the know, “Ask Tiffany” is a short and sweet video series where I (and some guest stars in the future!) answer your questions about creating a private practice that RIZOCKS – where you can both make money AND help people. 

Today’s question comes from Therapist Carolyn.

She says, “What I want most of all in my practice is plenty of money without adding more individual clients. I want to add some education/group options. This requires organization, planning, and marketing. The first two are not my strong spot.”

Ooh, Carolyn, I had fun with this one. PLUS, I’m giving away two worksheets that will help you get on top of your organization and planning. Check it out in the second episode of “Ask Tiffany!”

Want the worksheets? Click Here!

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