Back in December, 2016, I challenged my entire HeyTiffany tribe to start out 2017 with a BANG! Each week, I sent my peeps an email, a video lesson, and a worksheet that would set you up to achieve a remarkable private practice goal within the first 90-days of 2017.

And – heh heh – for the tiniest fraction of you who actually downloaded the worksheets, ya’ll got a secret bonus surprise. I followed you closely and offered you a free consultation at the end of the challenge. Jesus rewards those who throw their seed in the millet.

Or, ya know, something like that.

Well, early on in the challenge, I got an email from a newbie. Levana Slabodnick. She’d heard about the challenge through a buddy and fellow HT’er, Deidre P. Levana emailed me to ask to get in on the challenge and BOY OH BOY, did she get on. At the end of the 90 days, she emailed me to let me know about her results and I was so inspired to hear her story.

So in this week’s episode of Ask Tiffany, I asked Levana to share her journey through the 90-day challenge so that we can all learn from her brilliance.



In this episode, you’ll get the nitty gritty on:

  • How Levana pushed passed her introverted nature to make connections
  • The #1 thing that allowed Levana to overcome procrastination and take action
  • A real life example of a totally AWKWARD networking date… that Levana not only survived, but rocked
  • How Levana surprised herself by how exceeding her 90-day challenge goals

If you’re someone who’s let feeling “shy,” or “I’ll do it tomorrow” keep you from creating the practice that you set out to build, prepare yourself. Levana’s story will inspire the shit out of you.

What is ONE THING you’d like to achieve in your private practice in 2017? Share with us in the comments below!