Prepared to have your socks rocked.

A few months ago, I had the good fortune to see Emma Schmidt’s post about raising her fees to $250/session in the Abundance Practice Builders FB group. I know that this is a struggle for so many therapists, so I asked Emma if she would be willing to share how – exactly – that process went for her and what words of wisdom she could share with YOU.

And BOY – did she deliver!

In this interview episode of Ask Tiffany, we cover:  

  • How did she decide on her niche? [3:00]
  • The MYTH that a niche means working with the EXACT same kind of person over and over [4:11]
  • The importance of serving a COMMUNITY vs. focusing solely on “getting clients” when building a successful practice. [5:40]
  • How Emma knew it was time to raise her fees [7:40]
  • How a spiritual shift led to an increase in income and a greater ability to create massive change [9:40]
  • The surprising result that came from RAISING Her fees [19:12]
  • How having a niche set her up for a WAY more profitable practice [21:00]
  • What does a “rich life” mean for Emma [22:48]
  • Emma’s 3 insights for therapists who KNOW they are undercharging, but are afraid to earn more

“Having a higher price point allows me to practice what I preach!”

Click Below to Watch Emma drop the juice like it’s 1995 and OJ just got acquitted!

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