This week’s episode comes from therapist Rachael. She wrote in and asked:

How do we balance serving community and meeting social expectations around making beau-coup dollars when we actually are meeting our goals? ​I make enough money for me. I can afford my needs, and fun stuff too. But my scale slides real low, especially in my area. My colleagues give me tons of side eye, and tons of judgments around valuing myself and whatnot. I could be making more money, and I could be working less. I will probably need to start working less pretty soon. But for now, I am good. But all this does leave me fending off a bunch of crap, and worrying that I am still doing it wrong even though I love my practice, and feel stable. ​

I was excited to dive into this one because it seems a bit counterintuitive! We are used to hearing about therapists getting shade for being open about having strong financial goals and setting fees accordingly OR for hearing therapists getting criticism for not utilizing a sliding scale!

But we don’t often hear about therapists being critical about offering sliding scale spots! In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • When it makes total sense to offer a sliding scale
  • How to respond compassionately and directly when colleagues give you shit
  • Why there are only 50 shades of grey

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NOW, we’d love to hear from you. Do you resonate with Therapist Rachael’s struggle? When so many therapists are struggling with their financial situation, do you resonate with the anxiety that comes from being financially stable?

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