What the frack am I talking about, right?!

A few months back my therapist gently placed her chin on her fist, leaned back in her chair and observed, “You make everything harder than it has to be.”


Oh my gosh. She hit the nail on the head. Up until she made that observation, I had expected everything in life to be a painful grind.

If I had an income goal, I would have to work 10x’s harder to make it:

  • More time in email.
  • More time writing.
  • More hours of client work.
  • Hustlin’ day in and day out, morning until night.

I thought I had already broken out of this way of operating, but in many small ways, I was still treating the world as though money had to be violently wrenched from Reality’s grimy fingers. As if Reality didn’t want me to chill out AND earn AND do amazing work with the people I am thrilled to serve.

Little did I know that I had become poor Seligman’s little dog in the learned helplessness experiment. After busting my ass in my 20’s and barely making ends meet, and then working in agencies for YEARS – where I made $14.50 an hour while enduring getting PUNCHED IN MY HEAD 7 TIMES and then staying to work after that because I was afraid to ask to go home – and THEN doing thousands of hours more of free work in exchange for my license, all while going without insurance because I couldn’t afford it – I thought that earning more meant suffering, grinding, spinning and only eeking out tiny bits of accidental joy when they happened to settle on me.

Guess what, I was wrong.

Once I became aware of my belief that “earning was hard,” everything changed. 2018 is my year of Leisurely Earning. I’ve figured out that I’m going to help more people, while working less, having more fun, more time off, and – yes of course – gratefully welcoming more cash into my life.

All of this stuff has me thinking bout YOU.

I KNOW that there are ways you are grinding it out in your practice, completely unaware that it is totally unnecessary for you to be SO. stressed, SO. overwhelmed. SO freaked out – when a client leaves, when someone asks for a lower fee, when you need a day off.

I know that you believe that in order to deserve what you’ve gotten, especially while so many other people are struggling, you are unconsciously martyring yourself – and holding both yourself, your business and your clients hostage to your alternative facts about reality in the meantime.

Cut it out.

In this episode, you’ll learn how to get yourself OUT of the internal mill of scarcity so you can finally breathe, look out towards your day with ease, knowing you’re taken care of today, tomorrow and 20 years out.

Now, jump on down to the comments section and share one revelation you’ve had about being trapped on the mill of scarcity even as you’ve set up your own practice. Let us know one thing you can do starting today to get out!

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