Hey Hey Hey!

What do you do when your “ideal client” calls –

  • she’s perfect for you
  • has just the kind of dilemma that gets your mind spinning
  • her wide eyes tug at your very soul –

but she wants to use insurance?!

In today’s episode of “Ask Tiffany: A Video Series for Therapreneurs,” I tackle that very question.

Plus, as a bonus, I’ve created a veeEEEeeery handy script (+ video) that will help you navigate the insurance question on initial consultation calls. Click HERE to get it!

…and now, this…

Have you found a way to tackle the insurance question during the initial call?

We’d love to hear! Leave a comment below and share with the community!

(And if you’re struggling to answer the insurance question, click here to get the script + video combo that will make this easy once and for all)