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In this episode, we’re speaking with Marissa Esquibel, a private practice therapist in Southern California and a Lean In. MAKE BANK. Academy graduate and past Money Mindset Mentor. 

In this episode, we get to hear how Marissa went from feeling like a victim, helpless to external circumstances, to really leaning in and taking responsibility for saving herself.

This shift in her mindset allowed her to charge $350/session and fill her practice in under 12 months.

In this episode, Marissa will share:

3 signs that let her know it was time to leave CMH and group practice;

The fears she experienced about being first in her family to step out of a the employee mindset and start her own business;

How she went from working in CMH to confidently charging $350/session;

How facing herself and her entitlement helped Marissa step up an do transformational clinical work;

How her identity as a Latinx woman informs how she negotiates colleague jugement about taking up space in the world as a premium fee therapist;

Why creating her own business led to the biggest opportunity for self growth;

 3 mindset shifts to going from burnout and broke to stepping up and taking responsibility for your finances in private practice. 

Resources mentioned:

The Lean In. Make Bank. Academy

Therapy Reimagined Conference

4 Steps to Raise Your Fee Workshop

Therapy Practice Accelerator

More about Marissa: 

Marissa Esquibel, LMFT, is a psychotherapist, podcaster, and past Money Mentor in The Lean In. MAKE BANK Academy. She’s on a one-woman mission to empower young women to stop playing small and start taking up space and she’s accomplishing that one session, podcast, or Tiktok post at a time! She attended LIMB in February 2020 and, thanks to the crushing the course, hasn’t stopped gaining momentum since.

Get in touch: marissa@therapywithmarissa.com