How can you help your clients if you can’t help yourself ?! 

You didn't go into private practice to re-create the same anxiety, stress and overwhelm of your agency job, right?! So why do you feel so terrified when it comes to raising your fees and building a practice that gives you the freedom you wanted when you initially took the leap into private practice? 

Get the "Fun with Fees Calculator" and set your fee the RIGHT way.

Set My Fee!
  • Find out exactly how many clients you need to see and how much you need to charge to have your ideal income AND schedule.
  • Get the Online Fun with Fees Calculator that will tell you EXACTLY what your fee needs to be.
  • No more confusion, shame and guilt about figuring out your fee. The calculator does it for you!
  • Weekly newsletter with cool shit about earning more while working with the people you're stoked to serve!
  • Spiders.

Because every day that passes you by is another $100 down the drain.

Let's do this thang!

“The Fun with Fees worksheet showed me that my dreams are not impossible. And you know what – It was doable. And for less than I thought! I was so excited I called my husband at work and told him all the details!!! I only have to make a couple changes and I am going to make this year my b*tch! 🙂 Thanks for helping keep me accountable!!”  

Tara, PsyD

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