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Your Roadmap to a

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Led by Private Practice Fee Strategist, Tiffany McLain, LMFT, founder of The Lean In. MAKE BANK. Academy.

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What IS Fee Week?

Exclusive Community

A 5-Day Pop-Up Community Exclusively for Therapists in Private Practice who are ready to hit 6-Figures.

Daily Workshops

Daily Workshops Designed to help you confidently raise your fees and hit your 6-Figure annual revenue.

5-Minute Action Plan

5-Minute Action Steps you will take to help you ethically raise your fees so you can reach your 6-figure year.

Daily Prizes & Strategy

Each day you'll have the chance to win a prize + a chance to win $500 CASH to set you on your way to making that BANK.

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What Will I Learn?

A week long POP UP Community For Therapists in Private Practice who are Ready to hit 6-Figures.

Are you ready to ethically earn more without having to keep sacrificing your time, energy, AND financial wellbeing in order to reach your first six-figures (& Beyond) - While seeing FEWER clients? We'll show you how.

During Fee Week, you'll get 5 Days of Access to our Exclusive FB Community where you will be surrounded by therapists who are ready to play bigger and earn more, without apology. 

Daily Workshops DESIGNED to help you Confidently Raise Your Fees and create YOUR roadmap to a 6-figure Year.

Short digestible workshops each day that will walk you through the steps to create your Roadmap to a 6-figure practice.

These workshops will fundamentally transform how you THINK about the role money plays in your practice, so you will be able to speak confidently about what you charge without guilt, insecurity or shame.

5-Minute Action Steps that will set you up to be Confident & Ethical Premium Fee Therapist Starting NOW.

So you can move beyond the guilt that comes with raising fees, get past the constant insecurity of "Am I worth it?," and overcome the pressure to be "good enough" to deserve premium fees.

These daily action steps will give you the tools, resources and strategies to confidently charge your true full fee. Every Time.

Daily Live Check-In's With Tiffany & Your BALLER New Community + Daily Prize Drawing (Including $500 to one lucky winner!)

Each Day Tiffany will be doing a live check in with you and the community to ensure you're taking action and setting yourself up for a powerful year.

Um. And how about $500? Every day that you follow through and complete your action step, you'll be entered to win the daily prize. If you complete ALL 5 action steps, you'll be entered to win the $500 cash prize. BOOM. 💣💥

How's that for setting you up for your 6-figure practice?

When IS Fee Week?

Monday March 14th, 2022


Sunday March 20th, 2022.

Fee Setting Anxiety Is Not Your Fault.

Despite 3-7 years of graduate school, 3+ years of post-grad training along with months of studying for your licensing exams, training around how to think critically about the psychology of fee-setting was never on the curriculum.

The absolute silence around thinking about, talking about and working with fees in the the private practice setting has led many therapists to feel shame, guilt and anxiety whenever it comes to setting fees, raising fees, or even talking about fees in the therapy room.

This professional silence leads to the perpetuation of myths that keep therapists from addressing the reality of inadequate compensation for the difficult work that they do.

Myths Like:

A premium fee cash pay practice is unethical and unfair. FALSE

You have to be in practice 15+ years before you can significantly raise fees. FALSE.

It is greedy to think about earning more in your practice. FALSE.

The desire for a financially secure practice means you don't really care about helping people. FALSE.

Offering a sliding scale is the ONLY way to fulfill your ethical responsibilities as a licensed therapists. FALSE:

These myths have hurt our profession AND, ultimately, led to subpar clinical work.

Yes. I said that.

In truth, it is possible for YOU to earn 6-figures in your private practice this year more AND help the clients you are truly passionate about serving, while working fewer hours and having MORE time for family, vacations and just friggin' living YOUR best life.

Joining Fee Week is Essential If:

  • You are serious about building a private practice that truly serves your clients, but doesn't require that you sacrifice your financial security, emotional wellbeing and time with your family.
  • You would like to be earning more and working fewer hours, but years of working in community mental health or simply undercharging in private practice have left you feeling insecure, guilty and even nauseous when it comes to raising fees. You're ready to step it up. You just need a little guidance.
  • You KNOW you are not living up to your potential, but you struggle to shake that internal voice that says "you are not enough." Despite this fear, You. Are. TIRED of playing small and you're ready to take your private practice seriously.
  • You are ready to make 2022 your BEST. YEAR. EVER. and hit that 6-figure mark. (Already at 6-figures? Let's aim for 200k.) All while seeing fewer than 15 clients each week.

✏️ Enroll Me ALREADY.

A Personal Invite From Tiffany

Founder of The Lean In. MAKE BANK. Academy and host of "The Money Sessions" - a podcast featuring real, raw and honest conversations about therapists and money.

"I knew what kind of practice I wanted to have and what kind of impact I wanted to make. While it went against every bone in my insecure, newbie licensed body, I understood that this single decision - to lean in, despite my anxiety and charge a fee that was in line with the reality of running a sustainable business - would impact every aspect of my life from that moment forward.

And, not only that, I refused to build a lucrative practice by sacrificing my roots - those peeps that I was passionate about serving.

Despite all the negative messages out there that said "High Fees = Selling Out," I found that I was able to:

  • Make a bigger impact in the lives of those I love to serve: For example, I was able to work on a legal team that prevented 5 men from a death penalty conviction without burning out.
  • Increase my clinical skills: I had the time and money to invest in ongoing, depth-oriented case consultation, peer consultation and my own personal therapy at full fee.
  • Empower over 6000 therapists (and counting): I had the time, energy, and income to build and The Money Sessions (34K+ downloads) where I teach upwardly mobile, awkward-but-blossoming therapists how to build rewarding practices.
  • Show that women CAN Earn: I've been able to get out of my own way and demonstrate that women CAN and MUST build financial wealth. Money in the hands of women means a better society for EVERYONE.
  • All while taking care of myself: I've been able to pay off my student loans, begin investing in my retirement, and spend more time with my toddler and baby without stress about not bringing in money.

If you're ready step it up and PLAY BIGGER - by creating a financially thriving practice, where you believe you can make bank AND help the clients you're passionate about serving, if you're ready to take responsibility for your life by leaning INTO the doubts, fears and insecurities so that you can discover what kind of therapist you are meant to be - then I cannot wait to meet you.

I'll see you in Fee Week." ~ Tiffany

If you have any questions, feel free to email my team at

Okay. Okay. I'm in.

Tiffany's writings have been featured in Psychology Today and Psych Central and she has led fee workshops for Simple Practice, The California Association for Marriage & Family Therapists, The American Psychological Association's Division 29: The Society for the Advancement of Psychotherapy, The Therapy Reimagined Conference and More!

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