In a 2014 poll, 72% of Americans reported that they’d felt stressed about money at some point in the past month.

AND – when I conducted my own poll back in 2015, 70% of therapists reported that they felt “guilt, anxiety and conflict” when thinking about money.

So, we’ve got stressed out clients who are desperate to get a handle on their money overwhelm – and we’ve got anxiety-ridden therapists who are so guilty about earning an income that they won’t approach the topic of money with a 89 ft. poll.

Ion Chiosea

Mmmm… am I the only one who sees a problem here?

Ya’ll know I talk about the importance of setting a fee that is on par with the reality of what you need, BUT the conversation doesn’t stop there.

One of my primary aims in getting us to think, talk and start conversations about money in therapy has to do with the fact that OUR CLIENTS are struggling with conflicts about money and if we don’t get comfortable with our own money shame (and guilt and fear and ennui) then we are doing our clients a mega disservice.


Next Tuesday, I’ll be celebrating my birthday (whoot) by teaming up with ShrinkSync and doing a free live CEU webinar called: Blame it on the Benjamin: How to understand money issues as a communication in the therapeutic relationship.

You’ll get:

  • Get ‘hands on’ experience with the money talk via a clinical vignette
  • Learn how to use the FRAME to make the money convo easier
  • Strategies to go from avoiding money talk in sessions to gettingcomfortable with using money issues to understand your client.

The workshop has passed, but you can still watch the re-play and get your CEU!

Click here to watch: WATCH HERE


photo credit: Ion Chiosea