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In this episode, we’re speaking with Susannah Horwitz, a Colorado based License Mental Health Counselor. Susannah works with women and adolescents to heal trauma. She takes on a trauma-informed, nature based, expressive arts approach to help her clients get “off the couch” and into the outdoors to facilitate healing. 

Susannah now works in Private Practice, charging premium fees, and is the primary breadwinner for her family. Taking what she learned with LIMB and applying it to her practice, she is able to set her family up for success and show up more fully for her clients.

In this episode, Susannah will share:

What three signs led her to charging premium fees and her fears around increasing her fees;

How she built her private practice without a website presence;

Why she did not want to be a therapist with 30+ clients;

What it’s like to be the primary breadwinner, and how she is still managing a work-life balance.

Resources mentioned:

Fun with Fees 

Lean In. Make Bank.

4 Steps to Raise Your Fee Workshop


More about Susannah:

Susannah Horwitz is a trauma-informed, nature based expressive arts therapist and licensed professional counselor, with dual licensure in Massachusetts and Colorado. She loves to bring therapy clients “off the couch” and into the outdoors to help them connect with the multifaceted powers of imagination, sense of humor, playfulness, and creativity to heal trauma and thrive.

For the past 24 years she traveled an eclectic career path that has included employment as a public school teacher in Baltimore, an Outdoor Experiential Educator in Michigan and Ohio, A museum arts educator in Ohio, A school counselor in Boston, the lead singer in a touring East coast band, an Expressive Arts therapist and Director of a College/Career Access program in Lynn, MA, a private practice therapist (and budding coach/retreat leader) in MA and CO, and most importantly a mother. 

To connect: Susannah@susannahHorwitz.com , SusannahHorwitz.com