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“Before NEXT I knew I wanted to diversify and grow my business and be as ambitious as I really am, but I was worried that I would lose touch with my values or my peers. I was tempted to stay small and stick to what I know, since it felt safer. 

Since NEXT I see myself as so much more than a therapist. I see how my passion for finances is actually really valuable to my colleagues. I’m taking myself more seriously now, see myself taking risks and growing as a person, and am more confident about what I have to offer.” 
~ Linzy Bonham, Money Nuts & Bolts

“Before NEXT, I felt very confused about how to monetize my platform and didn’t really have a clear vision. I was able to leave NEXT with a clear vision that I was able to implement within one month of leaving that weekend. I now feel like I have a full fledged business with tons of ideas about where to go next. I always knew there could be other ways to provide services beyond butt in chair and now feel like I am well on my way to providing a larger breadth of services to my target community.”

~ Joy Braden Harden Bradford, Therapy for Black Girls

“Before NEXT, I was confused about how to accomplish my financial goals without burning myself out. I was under the impression that I had to do everything to be successful.  As a result, I was diluting my focus trying to see clients and creative multiple streams of “passive income” but not getting very far.  NEXT helped me connect with my “why” (what fuels me) and get crystal clear on where and how to focus my energy to be more productive. Never have I felt clearer on what direction my business is headed.” 

~ April Snow, Sensitive Therapist