Helping you balance your desire to do good with your desire to make bank

We’re on a mission to revolutionize how social workers and therapists like you think and talk about money so that you can raise your fees confidently, work smarter (not harder), and fundamentally transform your clinical work AND lifestyle.

Hi, we’re Team LIMB. We help you:

Build a thriving practice (and life) by facing your financial fears

Ditch the secrecy, shame, and guilt around addressing fees in the clinical setting. Let us show you how to serve your patients AND have financial security.

What makes us different?

Things we believe in…

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Honest & curious relationship with money

For many of us, our financial fears – the ways we think about money are deeply rooted in intergenerational trauma, our lived experiences, and broken social structures – especially if you’re a woman, POC, or grew up working class.  

Our mission is to help you BE that therapist who creates your own financial security, regardless of the circumstances life has thrown your way, by giving you the internal tools to design the practice (and life) you actually want.

Because gaining real financial security takes so much more than just figuring out how to market yourself and your practice. Uncovering your money conflicts and learning how to use money as a therapeutic intervention within the clinical setting will truly set you free – financially and emotionally.

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Facing difficult topics head-on

We like to keep it 100% real – because we know that this “taboo” around money talk has historically kept women and minorities trapped in financial instability.

It’s time that we historically underrepresented folks own our power, become unapologetic breadwinners, and build formidable net worth.

It is an act of rebellion to prioritize your needs. It is an act of courage to step up, step out, and REFUSE to conform to the narrative that your only mission is to serve others.

To, instead, hold up and model the value that your needs are important, independent of your service to others, and that the needs, desires, and passions of women and minorities ARE of value in and of themselves.

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Breaking unconscious patterns

When, at our core, we do not truly believe we have the right to financial security – financial freedom – we unconsciously find ways to “earn” the money we make. Many of us adopt the dysfunctional cycle of professional burnout and overwhelm that we witnessed in our families of origin.

This is where the work begins.

We are fiercely dedicated to identifying the long-standing unconscious patterns that you have internalized. This is not skim-the-surface, “it’s all in your head” work. We believe that you will only experience financial ease when you have support to really examine the ways unconscious dynamics are at play when it comes to your relationship with money.

We help you move from a place of desperation, fear, and envy to thinking like a six-figure private practice owner – so you can operate from a place of freedom, desire, and confidence.

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The support of an empowered community

Even the most successful private practice therapists have mentors, cheerleaders, colleagues, and communities that challenge them to stretch, grow, and become better than they could ever be alone.

While raising your fee can literally happen in a day, developing your new professional identity and sustaining these new fees for good takes time.

This is why we have cultivated an outstanding online community of therapists who have learned to identify the ways you hold yourself back and challenge yourself to PLAY BIGGER, step up your clinical work, show up fully in our professional community, and push you to take up space.

Because we NEED you to take up space, to make the impact that only you can make.

The story behind our name:


Navigating the money talks? Yeah, it can feel like a battlefield – especially for women and folks from working-class backgrounds.

Think about it – when was the last time you actually enforced your no-show or late cancellation fees?

And what makes it so hard? The internal voice that whispers, “But it wasn’t their fault their kiddo was sick?” Or the external voices yelling, “Wow. Do you think that’s even ethical?”

Being the helper, putting aside your own emotional needs was necessary at a point in your life. It helped you (and your family) survive.

But now, NOW… it’s getting in the way. It’s keeping you and your clients stuck in unconscious patterns of codependency, unclear boundaries, and martyrdom.

The fact is, it’s uncomfortable to examine how these dynamics are playing out in your clinical work.

It’s hard to look at how your own behaviors are undermining your professional success.
But here’s the thing: Leaning into this unease? That’s your golden ticket.

If you’ve been waiting for a sign, this is it. The system won’t change for you: YOU change for you. So Lean In. It’s time to MAKE BANK.

Founder’s story

Hey! Tiffany McLain, LMFT here.

“I realized we needed space to dig into all the conflicting FEELINGS that come up when therapists talk about money.”

The look on my professor’s face when I stated that my fee was $185… (five bucks more than he was charging after decades in the field.)? Priceless.

“Maybe drop the rate,” he said.

I didn’t. #HowIRoll.

Sure, I didn’t expect instant cash the moment I started my private practice. But I did expect to set myself up for financial security – especially after spending the first half of my life being of service to those around me without any significant financial compensation.

This whole just-getting-by, Trader Joe’s two-buck chuck situation? Nah, not my style. Not anymore. And I’m guessing you’re getting tired of it, as well.

But society? It’s got us thinking that, as therapists and social workers, being broke is a badge of honor.

Want to charge more confidently? Overwhelmed by the emotions it triggers? Need a clear roadmap?

Welcome to the room where we talk openly about ALL of it. And take decisive action.

Let’s rewrite the narrative together.


My evolution as a therapist, mentor, and money mindset advocate

Meet the LIMB team

1. Our money mindset mentors

Our team of Lean In. MAKE BANK. Money Mindset Mentors are intelligent, funny, compassionate, and direct. They are all LIMB grads who R.O.C.K.E.D the program by leaning in, WAY IN, and using the material to help them overcome their limiting beliefs and take action.

They have been trained to ask you the right questions so you can dig deep, show up, and move beyond the stories that keep you broke. It is the job of your Mentor to challenge you to play bigger. Your job is to stay open and non-defensive and to take action with the insights they help you achieve.

“Fairy Godmother”

(AKA: Community Manager)

Jorshua Stewart (she/her)

With a passion for fostering connections and encouraging growth, Jorshua owns and executes all responsibilities related to community engagement – seamlessly navigating the realms of student success. As a compassionate people person by nature, Jorshua brings a warmth and understanding to every interaction, creating a supportive and inclusive community and environment.

With a keen eye for recognizing the unique strengths and talents of individuals,
Jorshua believes in the power of community to uplift and empower its members.

Fun Fact: Jorshua is currently learning German!

Money Mentor

Rashida Ingram, PhD (she/her)

In 2020, Rashida found herself in a challenging situation. Despite running her private practice, she was treating it more like a hobby, charging her clients rates that were comparable to attending a crochet class once a week. As a result, she was experiencing burnout, seeing a minimum of 25 clients per week just to cover her basic living expenses. Rashida knew that something had to change, but she was unsure of what steps to take next. 

The thought of raising her fees never crossed Rashida’s mind. She felt hesitant to ask her clients, many of whom were single women or going through significant life transitions, for more money. However, everything changed when she stumbled upon Tiffany’s Facebook post. Tiffany spoke about the importance of setting fees based on desired income, the type of clients one wants to work with, and personal expenses. 

This simple yet profound concept resonated deeply with Rashida, prompting her to join LIMB. With a newfound mindset and adjusted fees, Rashida was able to create more time for herself and her younger son. She also set a goal to earn six figures while scaling her practice, all while working just 14 hours per week. This shift in perspective allowed Rashida to prioritize her well-being and achieve a more sustainable and fulfilling personal and professional life, so much so, she was able to move to Mexico with her son during the pandemic for a year.

Alli Christie-Disney, LPC (she/her)

In 2021, Alli was feeling pretty good about her practice.  She was, after all, charging $120/hr and making more money in fewer hours than her previous job.  As a die-hard DIYer, she had built her own practice from scratch and was proud of not needing anyone else to be successful. She figured she’d attend Fee Week and use the motivation to raise her fees – maybe even up to $150. During the final Fee Week call, Tiffany challenged Alli to consider how her commitment to doing everything herself might be keeping her from growing further and faster than if she had the community and mindset support of LIMB. Not one to shy away from a challenge, Alli joined LIMB and learned how her upbringing and survival/scarcity/poverty mindset was keeping her from creating the life she wanted.

Being engaged in the LIMB and PFM community has been the fuel to her therapeneur fire that has allowed her to move from charging $120/hr, and sleeping in her DIY’ed kitchen bedroom to owning multiple properties and charging $1500 (or more) a day for intensives! 

Money Mentor

Q Boston, LPC (she/her)

In 2022, Q Boston embarked on a journey to elevate her private practice by becoming part of the LIMB community. She had successfully navigated financial challenges in her personal life—learning more about finances, paying off student loans, and cultivating a healthier relationship with money. Despite these personal triumphs, she recognized the need for further growth in her professional financial relationship.

Questions arose: Am I justified in setting premium rates, or does it inadvertently convey an inflated sense of my abilities?

Today, Q specializes in guiding couples to navigate money conflicts and deepen their emotional connection within her private practice. She operates a coaching business, assisting individuals and service-based business owners in building healthier relationships with their finances. LIMB imparted the invaluable lesson of blending compassion as a therapist with a business mindset. Her journey stands as a testament to the profound benefits of simultaneously being a therapist and developing a business acumen.

Money Mentor

Wellness Fi Financial Expert

Nicole Brame (she/her)

Each month, we’ll host an Ask-A-CPA group call where you can get all your financial technical questions answered. F*CKING AMAZING. Nicole is one of our expert advisors with more than 5 years of experience advising clients on how to save thousands of their hard-earned tax dollars. She is great at helping her clients understand what she is doing for them and why to build valuable relationships for the long term.

“Advising and teaching my clients is my favorite part of what I do! It’s more than just telling you what to write off; it’s helping you build confidence in yourself and knowledge of what’s going on with your practice financially.”

2. Our behind-the-scenes rockstars

Maia Kurr (she/they)

A recent UW-Madison grad with experience in records management and tutoring, Maia is the Operations Wizard, making all the behind-the-scenes magic of LIMB happen. As a lifelong lover of all things organization, planning, and streamlining (for real—she used to spend time color coding stuffed animals and sorting various Barbie accessories), Maia is committed to keeping LIMB running smoothly and seamlessly—and finding all the ways to take it to the next level. Although Maia is not a therapist herself, she IS ready to support you on your journey to help yourself *and* the clients you are passionate about serving.

Fun fact: Maia loves to collect and complete jigsaw puzzles—there are currently 59 in her apartment!

Operations Administrator

Administrative Assistant

Andrea Isaza (she/her)

Andrea is our administrative assistant, she is here to help you with accountability posts & answer your tech/admin questions so that you can continue absorbing this wonderful knowledge we provide from LIMB. As a multi-passionate person with experience in audiovisual communications, human resources, and dubbing, Andrea firmly believes that wealth comes when we do what gives us peace and motivates us. From this perspective, with love, she is here to serve you!

Join the Lean In. MAKE BANK Academy

The only group program and community for licensed therapists and social workers that teaches you to charge your “someday” rates starting now – while increasing the quality of care for your clients.