The Money  Session$

hosted by
Tiffany McLain

Not your average money mindset podcast

Tune into raw, thoughtful conversations with diverse voices in the social work and mental health business space about the challenges, breakthroughs, and pivotal moments of making money unapologetically in private practice.

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How Getting Real About Her Financial Reality Led Audrey to Charge $200 Dollars Per Session

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From $80/Session to $165 for Individuals and $210 for Couples

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How a $15,000 Dollar Reality Check Led Erica to Drop Insurance Panels

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How Susannah Started Private Practice and Became the Primary Breadwinner

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How Vanessa Went From Charging $85 Per Client To $250 Premium Fees Per Session

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Your Unapologetic Guide to

Meet your host

Hey, I’m Tiffany, and here we are loud and proud about making more money as therapists and social workers

Because this hush-hush money talk is serving no one.

Not you.
Not your clients.
Not your community,

I facilitate these unfiltered, relatable conversations on money mindset with boundary-pushing service providers because I believe in the power of storytelling to spark real change.

And because I want you to know that making more money in your private practice is not just wishful thinking – it’s totally possible.

Even if you’re a woman, POC, or grew up working class.

Or all of the above.

So grab your earpods, get inspired, and let’s get to work – challenge those societal barriers, embrace your boundless potential, and remember: you don’t have to choose between charging premium fees and serving your clients.

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