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In this episode, we get to hear from New York based therapist Jelisha Gatling who went from barely making $500/month in private practice to having her first 6k month in less than a year – and that’s WITH taking a week and a half off that month for the holidays.

Jelisha will talk about why she left her group practice, despite fears of totally failing and how she went from anxiously charging $80/session to confidently charging $165 for individuals and $210 for couples.

In this episode, Jelisha will share:

3 signs she knew it was time to leave group practice

How she opened a solo practice despite all her fears about utter failure

3 signs she knew it was time to raise her fees

How her fears about charging more than seasoned supervisors held her back

Exactly how she handles intake calls now, without fear, despite raising her fee significantly

What she was surprised to learn about herself by challenging her limiting mindset beliefs

3 actionable strategies YOU can use to leave group practice or confidently charge premium prices

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Resources she used:

Lean In. Make Bank.

Money Nuts & Bolts for Therapists

Coaching by Nicole Liloia

More about Jelisha:

Jelisha Gatling is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist in New York City who works with couples helping them to unpack the baggage that gets in between them.  With a creative arts background , Jelisha weaves her creativity & humor into her therapeutic work, which is illustrated through her biweekly Vlog, “Thirsty Thursdays with a Therapist” where she gives tips and tools to quench the thirst in your relationships.