This blog isn’t going to be fancy. If you clicked the link, I’ll send you to the website where you can engage with me about these ideas. It won’t be linked to the HT site.

No bells. No whistles.

It’s not for the masses. It’s for a very VERY small set of you who want to understand yourselves and your money even more deeply. 

You’ve raised your fees. You’ve set your cancellation policies, but you notice that you’re nowhere near where you want to be and you want to understand how to get closer. This is a personal exploration that I’m inviting you to join me in. 

In a couple of weeks, I’m starting a grad class in the psychology of personal finance. So, we’re going to be getting deep here on this blog. Why am I doing this with you? Because being in dialogue will help me refine my thoughts so that I can bring them back to the rest of the folks with more pizazz and pazing, but you YOU will – we’ll work together in the boring, no frills, no gimmick, just deeply thoughtful way that comes before the masses.

You in?

Here’s the question that is most on my mind right now and that I’ll be exploring over the next little bit. 

Your financial thermometer, your wealth set point.

This idea that there is a certain amount of money your unconscious feels right with and it will do whatever it can to keep you at that level, whether that’s earning 50k per year and always having $500 in the bank.

Or, whether that’s always being $5000 in debt.

It could even mean not having much of a monthly take home and feeling pretty broke, but having 800k in a retirement savings.

From what I currently know, we work very hard, unconsciously, to return to our wealth set point. Think about it. Where does your net worth tend to hover?

If you have student debt, does it make you uncomfortable?

Have you started to bring in a higher income, but find your bank account isn’t growing because you end up finding a way to get rid of that money you have?

Why does this happen and what can we do about it? I’m going to learn for myself and you can learn along with me.


Okay, I had to put something mildly entertaining in there. 

I don’t even know where I will put this blog for you to com back and reference. Alas, we’ll see. 

Stay tuned for more on this emotional set point.

And – I’ll actually be checking out these comments b/c it’s just us here, with boring font and nothing else – so.

Have you heard of this idea of the financial thermometer? If not, go look it up.

What is yours set at? What is the amount of money that you find, no matter what happens – the ups and downs – you constantly return to earning or keeping?

Leave a comment and let me know, baller.