Holy Smokes! I remember the first time I ever bought an online program. It was a doozy, too. I didn’t start with just a $47 program. Nope! I guess that’s not how I roll. My first investment in an online training program was a whopping $2,000. No joke.

Before I made that purchase, I couldn’t conceive of laying down thousands of dollars for a course.

Even though I spent over 40K on grad school and living expenses and then another 2 YEARS working for education not income, which, if we calculate lost earnings could come around to another 80K, even though I did all of that, when it came to investing in the business side, I hesitated. If we do that math, even though it cost me about 120K to go to grad school and then another two years of post grad education, I had reservations about spending 2K on an online program.

I wouldn’t be where I am now if I hadn’t gone through grad school so I could get that license and then Access Institute where I could really hone in my clinical skills so I gained the confidence to charge premium fees, but when I think about the return on investment for that $2000 program, well, shit, I would’ve paid that 5x’s over to get the results I’ve gotten.

Because of that initial investment:

  • Heytiffany exists
  • I’ve helped over 3,000+ therapists either in programs or via my weekly emails
  • I’ve met SO MANY amazing entrepreneurs and built a tribe of thought leaders
  • I’ve earned over 6-figures from this business alone with exponential growth on the horizon

Sure, I’ve invested in other programs along the way and spent thousands of hours of unpaid time to learn, but it was the willingness to take that first leap and trust that someone out there could help me take action and build an impactful business.

ME – who’d spent the first 30 something years of my life spinning in circles, unable to take consistent action, chasing shiny object after shiny object. I had to trust that that someone could show me how to do something different and I had to trust that I would be willing to put in the work and take action.

I used to think about money as this cruel, seducing siren that lured me in and then slipped through my fingers. Oh that Lothario that was money always came just close enough that I felt it could be mine and then slapped me down, leaving me bereft, envious and desperate to find it again.

What the fuck was that about?! What a nut I was. #therapyisforall

(Also, if you know Tom Hardy, feel free to introduce us.)

It wasn’t until I started investing my money and taking action that I realized all of that money seduction nonsense was just in my head. Money wasn’t a cruel, delicious seductress playing games with me. I was playing out all kinds of shit with money that had nothing to do with reality. In reality, money flows easily from me to others and from others to me. It is simply a tool, an exchange of value, nothing more, nothing less.

As I realized this, I stopped feeling stingy with my money. I began to use it – responsibly – to understand how to create more value for others. I exchanged money for knowledge, accountability, access, software, help – all kinds of things!

I LOVE trading my money for the services of others. This is why I’m spending at least $13,700 on coaching programs this year and even more on workshops, books, and trips to spend time with people who are experts in their industries.


$3,000 on a 6-month weekly coaching program where I dive into specific ongoing strategies to help me understand how to be more effective in my business – get actionable results for therapists while increasing my biz resources. (And I plan to re-up this for another 6 months + $3000 more)

$4,200 on a 90-day deep dive with a consultant who is teaching me how to articulate my message so I can reach more upwardly mobile therapists in private practice who are on the verge of busting out of their own boxes and creating massive change.

$3,400 for a 9-month mastermind specifically geared towards uber successful entrepreneurs who are also moms. I’m NOT a mom, mind you, but I may one day be and I want to learn from a community of women who have figured out how to balance 6-figure + businesses with parenthood. Look, if someone can be a great businesses owner AND a great parent, while also living a full, contented life then they must have masterful systems – basically, they have the key to the universe. Let’s be real.

While it took me 30 years to learn that other people can help me and to trust others who believed in me, it is a lesson that has skyrocketed my growth – professionally, sure, but personally, as well. I’ve realized that Anything – anything – I want to do, in the way I want to do it, is figureoutable! I just have to find the people who have done it and learn from them.

  • Balance owning a 6-figure business AND raising awesome kids while feeling satisfied with life? – Figureoutable!
  • Build a 7-figure businesses while maintaining my fitness and fitting in learning the violin? – BOOM! Figureoutable!
  • Understanding how to create a home environment that feels comfortable and stylish, having a truly satisfying romantic relationship and still having time for travel, while also contributing to causes I believe in? Guess what – It’s Figureoutable!

Yes – there will be sacrifices. Yes, I’ll have to give MONEY and, more importantly, TIME to learn, but if you want it, it is possible. If I can do it, you can do it.

Find the people who are doing what you want to do, be willing to let go of your limiting stories, and invest in learning from them.

If YOU could learn how to do, be, or have anything, what would that be for you?! Share with us in the comment section below!