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In this episode, we get to hear from Philadelphia-based therapist Kim Wheeler Poitevien went from charging $125 to charging $180. This episode has So Many Gems. If you’re struggling to raise fees and value the work you’re doing, especially when Covid19 has met with a much needed systemic uprising, then this episode is for you.

In this episode, Kim will share:

3 signs that let her know it was time to raise her fees;

How she struggled to overcome the societal messages around Black women’s work being less valuable;

How she responded she invested in a $2000 course that didn’t work for her;

How raising her fees has improved her clinical work;

How she thinks about her work and making bank in hard times;

How mixed messages around money in her FOM led to confusion when setting her fees;

3 actionable strategies YOU can use to confidently raise your fees.

Addendum: In one portion of this episode, Kim says “If you’re in private practice, you shouldn’t be broke.” In a later conversation, Kim reflected on this idea and added that she knows therapists struggle to develop their practices and she recognizes that she has had a lot of privilege to have built her practice to this point. She followed up with me to clarify that no therapist who works this hard to become licensed should be broke. We deserve more! This is a failure of our system – like so many other failures – and she wants more for all of us. 

Resources Kim mentions:

Lean In. Make Bank.

Money Nuts & Bolts for Therapists

The Inner Circle

Abundance Party

More about Kim:

Kim Wheeler Poitevien is a Licensed Clinical Social Work specializing in childhood grief and loss. She also treats children experiencing racial disparity and discrimination in private white institutions. Kim is the owner of Amel Counseling and Consulting, a private therapy practice located in Philadelphia, Pa. Learn more at: https://ameltherapy.com/