A 6-month group program and judgment-free community that teaches you to rewrite your money stories – so you can charge your “someday” rates today.

Charge premium private practice fees with unshakeable confidence

The Academy is for YOU whether…

You’re a veteran therapist or social worker who has spent most of your career feeling stuck and burnt out from over-delivering and undercharging for your expertise

You started your private practice a few years ago and want to shatter that income ceiling in your business without taking on more clients

You’re new to private practice and wondering how to disrupt the discouraging financial reality of the industry and build a thriving practice fast

“I’m smart and successful, but I don’t feel confident charging a higher fee.”

Sounds familiar? You’re not alone.


You constantly got the message that “making money is greedy,” and you are just trying to “profit” off people’s suffering


You fear getting massive shade from colleagues who believe social workers and therapists are meant to keep their services accessible


You were taught that the only way to grow your private practice is to get more clients through the door - and that’s the ONLY thing you focus on right now


You’ve always been told to set your fees according to what the “market can bear”


You believe you need more years in the game before you can charge a premium fee


You worry it’s unethical to stop taking insurance and go full private pay

Here’s a newsflash for you…

There is nothing wrong with being well-paid for your work as a therapist.


Money is NOT evil or dirty

Money is neutral

But it IS a canvas on which we project our unprocessed trauma - so when you heal your relationship with money, you set yourself up for success on your terms.


You DON’T have to please everyone

Your heart of gold? That's your superpower

But, balancing the financial needs of your practice with the affordability for clients doesn’t have to be a constant ethical dilemma.

Don't let the cognitive distortions and intergenerational patterns keep you stuck in this headspace. There is another way.


You DON’T have to increase your caseload to grow your practice

Real talk...

It is pointless to build your caseload if you have yet to work out your own money mindset.

When you don’t align your fee with your income and lifestyle goals, burnout and compassion fatigue are inevitable.


You DON’T have to set your fees according to the market

Your practice, your rules

If you ask me, “How much does a therapist make?” The right answer is: As much as you want.

It’s an act of courage and rebellion to refuse to conform to the idea that your only value is to serve others, charging only fees “that the market will bear” and putting yourself on the back burner.


You do NOT need a decade of experience to charge more

Charging full fees is the new black

Having decades of experience is not required to charge premium fees for the important work you’re doing right NOW.

You’re a qualified professional, and you have everything you need to help your clients succeed - while also building your net worth.


It’s NOT unethical to stop taking insurance

Grow on your terms

We get that you want to make therapy accessible to all - but here’s a reality check.

Choosing private pay over insurance allows for a manageable caseload and a higher quality of care without the shackles of endless paperwork and treatment limits set by a third party.

Think about it…

What if the obstacles holding you back from a 6-figure therapy private practice are all in your head?

You don’t have to hunker down and do it alone

What if you were fully supported on your journey to….


Stop feeling guilty about charging more and, instead, build a spacious six-figure practice where you don’t have to work nights and weekends?


Quit hanging out with dream crushers and cultivate a community of cheerleaders who also answer your burning questions with warmth, respect, and actionable strategies?


Identify WHICH generational and unconscious patterns are keeping you overworked and underpaid so you can move into conscious action?


Raise your fees with new and existing clients…even without a swanky new office, another certification, or other “upgrades” to “justify” it?”


Stay accountable to your growth - not just LEARN but actually IMPLEMENT and INTEGRATE?


Make this whole thing easy. You don’t have the time and brain space to handle mini meltdowns about your financial situation and your stressful practice every day.

Because frankly…

You deserve more

Introducing the
Lean In. MAKE BANK. Academy

Our signature process systematically sets you up for success with a community container, a money psychology framework, and actionable steps to reach 6-figures.

Our approach follows a proven formula:

1. Community

Learn how to create powerful connections with 6-Figure Therapists. Discover what wealthy folks know about creating whole-hearted professional networks.

2. Psychology

Identify & overcome unconscious money blocks and make immediate changes to how you show up in your practice (and – ahem – your life).

3. Implementation

Use our proven fee conversation strategies to successfully and confidently communicate with your clients like a 6-figure Therapist – in an ethical and values-driven way.

4. Marketing Mindset

Learn the marketing patterns 6-Figure Therapists embody that allow them to work in a private practice that actually works.


Self-paced, easy-to-consume content you can implement in your own time

Action-oriented tips and takeaways so you can start making changes right away


Feedback loop for accountability so you can brainstorm and quit feeling alone on your journey

Bi-weekly group sessions with personalized hot seat coaching to get solutions and learn from others’ experiences

Monthly “Ask a CPA” sessions to work through your financial roadblocks

Specific topic threads to help you digest the course material and identify your unconscious money blocks

Scripts for raising fees, charging for no-shows and late cancellations, enrolling clients at full fee, and more to help you save time and boost confidence

Join the waitlist and get notified the minute we open doors to the LIMB Academy!

The curriculum

What you’ll learn and implement

Ready to become one of the 700+ students who trusted the Lean In. MAKE BANK?

Can I tell you a secret?

“When I saw folks golfing and chilling in the park while I felt guilty about taking a lunch break, it really pissed me off.”

Tiffany McLain, LIMB founder

^ This was me a few years ago.

Can you relate?

I was angry at a system that set some folks up to succeed with ease while methodically throwing obstacles in the path of folks who already had it hard.

But… when I sat with it, I realized that even though there are obvious and painful barriers to access for folks like us, I was not going to sit around and wait for the system to change. I was going to create my OWN financial security.

So I refused to get on insurance panels and set my fees high – at $180 per session when I started out in 2015 and increased it to $280 within a couple of years.


Along the way, I learned SO MANY lessons. I had to:

  • Confront my own internal biases.
  • Figure out ways to get ahead in spite of systemic issues.
  • Hold my head high while my peers and mentors side-eyed my vibe.
  • Have those tough, scary conversations with clients.

And, at the time, I had to do this with little (or NO) support from colleagues, peers, or mentors. I was alone.

I created Lean In. MAKE BANK. so you can bypass that steep learning curve, gain confidence to charge higher fees, AND have colleagues friends to go on this journey with you.

Are you ready to learn how to increase your wealth and say “No More, damnit!” to all the guilt, shame, and self-sacrifice?

Well, shoot, my love. Let’s go.

Gwyn uncovered hidden blocks around money

“I didn’t even realize there were so many of my own blocks that were getting in the way of me being able to really get into and listen for my clients anxiety around money and then suddenly this whole new space open up in the room that I think I was just missing this huge piece of work with a lot of people. Therapists have a lot of blind spots. I was so grateful to have this one revealed to me and to get to work in this totally new way, a really important way.”

– Gwyn F., Therapist

The program made a significant difference in how I think about insurance

“It helped me to go into all of the emotions around money and feel more confident and clear that I need to and can be making the kind of money that I want to make.”

– Melanie E., LCSW

Danielle finally learned how to take care of her financial needs

“Before LIMB, I was certainly not saving enough to save for retirement. I was sick a lot and had no space to take care of myself. Tiffany helped me see how rich therapy work can be when I directly tackle challenging money conversations with clients. After taking LIMB, I have created space to fully tend to my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs. I enjoy my life and I’m experiencing radiant health.”

– Danielle H., LPCP

It’s your turn for a glow-up. This is the bold new you…


  • You’re more self-aware about the money mindset beliefs that keep you small and apologetic 
  • You’re taking meaningful actions every day to shift from scarcity to an abundance mindset
  • You’ve started planting seeds to create a business community that WANTS to see you shine
  • You’re developing close bonds with other kind, funny, intelligent therapists who are opting out of the martyrdom game


  • You have raised your fee with your existing clients
  • You have stopped offering sliding scale fees to new clients
  • You’re no longer sweaty-palmed when it comes to having those tough conversations about money with your clients
  • You understand that leaning into discomfort is rewarding in the long term and challenge yourself continuously 
  • You’re ready to take the leap and get off those insurance panels that restrict your income and quality of care
  • You have more free time to live and BE


    • You don’t have to shadow box with guilt, shame, and anxiety for charging premium fees and getting off insurance panels
    • You’re no longer resentful and stretched thin – so you show up powerfully in your sessions and amplify the impact of your work
    • You’ve said goodbye to being overworked and underpaid because you know how to market to clients who are ready and willing to pay your full premium fees
    • You don’t feel anxious and heartbroken when a client ends – you’re in a better place financially, and you know you’ll be okay
    • You are surrounded by peers and mentors who cheer you on as you raise your fees and build a fulfilling life
    • You’ve actually stepped INTO the person you truly are: owning your desires, doing powerful clinical work, and acting with integrity in your professional and personal life.

    The Lean In. MAKE BANK. Academy is…

    Perfect for you if…


    You’ve reached a time and income ceiling in your private practice, and you want to grow without having to add more to your caseload


    You’ve been over-delivering and undercharging in your practice for years, and you’re ready for a change


    You’re new to the field, but you want to hit the ground running


    You’re an action taker, and you know the system won’t change for you. YOU change for you.


    You don’t want an info dump - you’re looking for a program that pushes you to take risks and be BOLD


    You want to get off insurance panels and have more control over your financial security

    Not for you if…


    You'd rather wait for external circumstances to change instead of initiating change yourself


    You’re looking to increase your caseload


    Your practice is 100% reliant on insurance-based work, and you don’t see the benefit in changing this fee structure


    You're working in a situation where you do not currently have the power to set or raise your fees.


    You are a shiny object seeker - you like to join programs but are not a big fan of implementation.


    Will the Academy work for someone like me?

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    1. What if I only do private practice part-time?


    Lean In. MAKE BANK’s primary requirement is that you are not so desperate that you can’t eat or pay your rent. If you are able to pay your bills such that you can invest in making some real changes in your practice, then you are good to go.

    If you have a job outside of your private practice or access to a revenue stream that creates financial stability, you are actually in a GREAT place to take Lean In. MAKE BANK. because you have a bit more emotional freedom and flexibility to test things out, take risks in your work, and practice the money mindset challenges. In fact, taking Lean In. MAKE BANK. at this point can set you up to eventually leave an unsatisfying job where the threat of burnout constantly looms. By creating a firm money mindset, you will be equipped to start growing your income before you take the leap into full-time private practice.

    The most important consideration is that you are able and willing to set aside 3-5 hours each week to complete the program with the community.

    2. Am I going to learn how to get new clients?

    Lean In. MAKE BANK. is not a marketing program. While the last module is dedicated to helping you develop a marketing mindset, the program is geared towards helping you experience a fundamental shift around your money mindset so that you can start earning more with the clients you currently have, set and hold to your full fee with incoming clients and get comfortable (dare I say, gleeful) about confidently integrating conversations about money into your private practice.

    I highly recommend that you use this program as a stepping stone to learning marketing fundamentals. With the increased income from Lean In. MAKE BANK, you will be able to invest in practice-building strategies.

    3. Can I afford it?

    I created Lean In. MAKE BANK. with the intention that each student will see financial gains within 30-90 days of enrolling, with the hope of making back the entire investment in the program in less than 6 months. If you go through all of the exercises and take action immediately, you will begin to see a return on your investment right away.

    Even outside of the financial gains, students report feeling more confident in their therapeutic skills and more empowered overall. Students are also guided through implementing changes to their practice policies that set them up for a sustainable business in the long term.

    It is up to you to decide if you have the money to invest in your business right now. While I cannot guarantee results, I can say that those who take action can make back the cost of the course quickly and then continue to make that money in an ongoing way.

    I’m not a fan of credit card debt, so if you’re someone who perpetually goes into debt from serial course-buying, I encourage you to get that paid down and follow through on the investments you’ve already made before buying another course – even if it’s mine!

    4. What if I’m new to private practice?

    As you can see, if you’re new to private practice, Lean In. MAKE BANK. is a great way to set yourself up with a strong foundation. I recommend that you have at least 5 consistent clients or a second income stream (like a coffee shop or agency job) when starting the program. As part of the program, you will be asked to engage in real interventions with your real clients, so you need to have enough of a caseload that you feel comfortable experimenting, taking risks, and challenging yourself to play bigger.

    The more clients you have, the greater opportunity to grow your income faster. If you see 20 clients and raise your fees by an average of $10, that’s an $800/month revenue growth. Yes – that is almost $1000 kabangos in your pocket.

    But even if you only see 8 clients, Lean In. Make Bank will give you the tools and the community to build a solid foundation so you can start earning more now and set yourself up – right from the start – for exponential growth over the weeks, months, and years to come.

    5. What if I’m super busy?

    Students report spending anywhere from 1-3 hours per week on the course material and another 2 hours on calls. LIMB works best if you set aside time to do a combination of watching the video lessons, completing the challenges, and engaging with the Lean In. MAKE BANK Society, and attending or watching the Live Office Hour Q&A calls along with the group.

    By purchasing The Lean In. MAKE BANK. Academy, you have membership for an entire year, so there is no “falling behind.” However, the most successful students create a plan of action to go through and complete the modules within the first two months and then work and re-work the system to fit their needs by attending the live calls and getting tons of support. 

    If you’re too busy to carve out space for the program, even though you know your money shiz is keeping you from earning more, I encourage you to get clear about your schedule, cut out the bullhonkey, and invest in yourself, your business, and your clients. If you’re unable to make the time, this program is likely not right for you right now.

    6. Does it work for me even if I still want to offer a sliding scale?

    Absolutely! I still work with sliding-scale people who I have seen for many years. Lean In. MAKE BANK is not about kicking out the clients you love to work with and filling those spots with dollar bills.

    Lean In. MAKE BANK. is about helping you get honest about your financial needs and getting in touch with the lifestyle you want. We challenge you to do the hard work to stop making business and clinical decisions based on fear and instead make decisions based on values, strategy, and your long-term vision.

    I believe offering a sliding scale is a privilege. It is something that you have the privilege of doing after you’ve made sure you’re on track to create a sustainable business and a sustainable life. If you already have folks on a sliding scale, I will challenge you to examine what that’s about, consider how and if it makes sense, and then take action based on the reality of your situation.

    7. What if I take insurance, so my fees are pre-set?

    Lean In. MAKE BANK. works best if you have some control over setting your fees. If you are 100% reliant on insurance-based work, you will not reap all of the benefits the program has to offer. If you’re willing to consider getting off some panels so you can be in control of your financial situation, come on in.

    Even if you always want to reserve some insurance spots, Lean In. MAKE BANK. will help you get clear about what that means for setting fees for the rest of your practice.

    Bottom line?

    Lean In. MAKE BANK. is for the ambitious, action-oriented therapist or social worker who is ready to confront – not confirm – their unconscious patterns and biases and build wealth unapologetically. Is that you?