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In today’s episode, we are going to be talking to Alyse Freda-Colon, a private practice therapist and social worker based out of New York. Alyse brings us along as she dives deep into how The Lean In. MAKE BANK. Academy has revolutionized the way she thinks AND works with money in a clinical setting.

In this episode, Alyse will share:

How she was able to show up thoughtfully and fully as clinician while she was doing her money work;

How the messages Alyse got as a social worker impacted her ability to charge more AND what she did to break out of scarcity mindset;

#1 piece of advice she has for therapists starting out in private practice.

Resources mentioned:

Lean In. Make Bank.

Fun with Fees

4 Steps to Raise Your Fee Workshop

More about Alyse: 

Alyse Freda Colon is a therapist in private practice in New York.

She specializes in helping her patients sort out and identify what is not working in their life and assist them in making behavioral changes so that they can “live the life they want” and become “unstuck”. Visit her website to reach out: http://www.afctherapy.com or via email: afctherapy@gmail.com