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In this episode, we’re speaking with Djuna Osborne, a therapist based in Roanoke, VA. She went from charging as low as $0/session to charging $200/session in a town where the median household income is 25k. 

In this episode, we will hear how growing up with conflicting money narratives – both attending a private school, but also having to beg other students for money so she could eat – impacted her money behavior when she went into her own private practice.

In this episode, Djuna will share:

  • How facing her money mindset issues helped Djuna become a better clinician;
  • What it was like for Djuna to look for a premium fee therapist in her area and why she made the choice to pay more for her own therapy; 
  • How increasing her fees allowed her to be more present with her family and children;
  • Three things she was afraid of when raising fees;
  • Three actionable things you can do right now to charge premium fees and improve your clinical skills. 

Resources mentioned:

Fun with Fees Calculator

4 Steps to Raise Your Fee Workshop

More about Djuna: 

Djuna Osborne, MSW, LCSW is a psychotherapist in private practice based in Roanoke, VA. She works with compassionate professionals – medical residents, attending physicians, entrepreneurs and other therapists – to help them cultivate their hearts and their minds so they can have greater confidence, prevent and work through burnout, and feel happy and fulfilled both in their professions and with themselves. As the spouse of a physician, Djuna lived through her husband’s medical school and residency while simultaneously working in a hospital and obtaining her clinical training. She is keenly aware of the unique pressures of medicine and the way that our core values of “doing what is right” can be in conflict with organizational norms. Djuna has a deep passion for bringing more compassion into the world one person at a time.

When she is not working with clients, she loves building community with other professionals, friends, and fellow citizens. She also loves spending time with her husband, two daughters and their beloved dog, Donut, road tripping anywhere an RV will go. 

She can be reached at djuna@djunaosbornecounseling.com, djunaosbornecounseling.com or by calling 540-269-1551. She welcomes all inquiries!