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In this episode, we are speaking with Harry Au, a Licensed Therapist and Registered Social Worker based in Ontario. Harry focuses his work on helping Asian and BIPOC individuals in a private practice setting. Harry will be discussing how he went from an activist with anxiety, guilt, shame, and judgement around the desire to have money, to a Premium Fee therapist with more money and resources for activism.

In this episode, Harry will share:

How his identity as 1.5 generation Chinese Immigrant and family conflict around money, led him to be money avoidant;

3 signs that led him to leave agency work and move into private practice;

The big leap he took allowing him to charge premium fees and return to activism with more intention, capacity, and resources;

How he went from burnout and overwhelmed, to an activist that charges $180+  per session.

Resources mentioned:

Lean In. Make Bank.

Fun with Fees 

4 Steps to Raise Your Fee Workshop

More about Harry: 

Harry (he/him) is a therapist in Toronto, Canada, who works specifically with Asian clients. He’s a quirky weirdo who is learning to embrace all of those parts of him, and is passionate about working with other quirky weirdos who want to do the same.

To Contact: 647-201-6610, harryautherapy@gmail.com