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Woah! I love this episode. We’re diving in with Mickey Kerr from WellnessFi a book-keeping and tax specialist advising organization that specializes in working with therapists.

We’re going to talk about my $16,000 tax mistake. Back in 2018, I paid over 20k towards my student loans and saved just about 20k for my maternity leave – only to find out, just two months before I went on leave, that I owed over 16k in taxes. Mother Mia! Ay yi yi!

In this episode, I’m going to lay out my finances so that Mickey can help me understand where – exactly – I went wrong and what I should’ve done differently in order to avoid this huge tax mistake that cost me almost my entire maternity leave financial safety cushion.

I made the mistake of not discovering Wellnessfi until it was too late. Don’t be like me! Go to Wellnessfi.com/heytiffany and sign up for your free consultation. If you end up working with them, they’ll do 6-months worth of bookkeeping catchup for free!

In this episode, Mickey will share:

What I could’ve done differently in order so that I wouldn’t have been caught off guard with a 16k tax surprise;

How one small steps can save therapists thousands of dollars a year; 

What happens when you have a team of financial professionals on your side;

The consequences that come when we don’t handle our finances; 

The top 3 things therapists can do to get their finances right, starting today. 

Resources we talk about: 


More about Mickey: 

Mickey Kerr, CPA, Principal – Joined the Wellness Fi team after having served various Senior roles within boutique tax advisory firms in the Austin area. A Central Texas native, Mickey brings a diverse skillset and background that highly aligns with Wellness Fi’s vision and core values. A dedicated advocate for the small business owner, he has focused his practice on crafting custom solutions for start-ups and entrepreneurs centered around optimization, back-office automation, and tax minimization. As a former college athlete, he enjoys the competitive and proactive approach of working with business owners and takes a great deal of pride in watching clients succeed.

Outside of work, Mickey enjoys connecting with others through various non-profits and local charities in the Austin area.