Fear 2 Freedom: Part One

The other day, I rolled out of bed at 5:35 in the morning. I wrote in my 5-Minute Journal and then I threw on my workout clothes and jogged to the gym. It was freezing outside, but strangely wonderful. I felt alive. And proud.

I had become one of those people.

This is a stark contrast from how things used to be – mornings where I woke up groggy, irritated. The melodious screeching of my “gentle” alarm tone was enough to make me want to tear my own throat out. All I wanted was to hit the snooze for five more minutes of warmth, but I could never really relax because in the back of my mind – the world was out there, waiting to swallow me up.

It was a life filled with one task after another after another, no matter how much running around I was doing, I never felt like I was getting anything done.

And then. It changed.

This three-part course is my way of sharing with you what changed everything for me, how I moved from feeling guilty, anxious and overwhelmed to feeling free.

Oh my god. So nice.

So, without further ado:

Video #1

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