Case Study

Meet Gwyn

A politically-active feminist therapist who advocates for clients on the margins.

Gwyn increased her monthly revenue by 20% within 90-days of completing Lean In. MAKE BANK. without taking on new clients.

Her Story:

As a firm advocate for social justice and equitable systems, Gwyn understood the value of helping her clients have access to the resources they needed, yet when it came to her own practice, Gwyn’s conflicts about working within a capitalist system got in the way of her ability to care for her business and herself. 

Why She Joined:

Gwyn knew she wasn’t earning the income she needed to earn in order to keep serving the client’s she was passionate about serving, yet she struggled to move past the psychological barriers she had around creating a profitable business. She realized she needed to invest in the support and guidance that would help her create a sustainable and sustaining practice.


Gwyn was suprised to discover how much stronger her clinical skills became as a result of what she learned during Lean In. MAKE BANK. She gained the confidence to get behind her full fee, created a no-cancellation policy that provided a predictable income and she started a second business as a result of the getting real about her desire for financial security. Gwyn has increased her income by a whopping 25% since the first half of 2017. As a result of the program, her average fee has increased by $32.


Social Justice is a big deal to Gwyn

Gwyn specializes in helping her clients align their life choices with their political and spiritual values. Her own political and feminist ideals form the basis of how she shows up in the world, personally and professionally. Examining the ways structural inequity impacts the opportunities marginalized communities have access to is a huge part of her ongoing work.

Yet, when it came to her own relationship with money, Gwyn was conflicted. How could she create a sustainable and profitable business that allowed her to take good care of herself, while so many of the communities she cares deeply about were suffering? Not only was this a question Gwyn wrestled with herself, but she also came from an internship where therapists were expected to sacrifice their own well-being in order to give back to others.

Gwyn felt stuck.

While Gwyn thought a lot about the roles money plays in our social structure, she had no idea that she had internalized certain messages that were getting in the way of her ability to help very people she was so passionate about serving.

I didn’t even realize that my anxiety about money and my hangups around money were impacting my clinical work until I did this program and had the experience of suddenly being freed up to talk about money with my clients in a clinically powerful, therapeutic way.

Lean In. MAKE BANK allowed Gwyn to get in touch with the reality of her financial needs in a way that allowed her to show up, both as a therapist and as a business owner, in a more bold, conscious way.

Like so many therapists, Gwyn worried that focusing on money as part of her therapeutic education might turn her into a greedy capitalist. As a queer woman of color, Gwyn had so many negative associations to wealth and these beliefs interfered with her ability to welcome money into her business.

Even after Gwyn decided to invest in Lean In. MAKE BANK she was surprised to discover how deeply the program challenged her. Tiffany approached her beliefs about money with all of the passion, zeal and nuance that only a nerdy psychoanalytic thinker could. 

There’s nothing fascile or simplistic about the analysis of money in this course. I think that’s pretty rare in the courses I’ve taken about marketing for therapists, having this psychodynamic perspective embedded into the ways we’re thinking and also the homework assignments we do. That was really valuable to me.

For Gwyn, learning from someone who comes from a blue collar background, someone who understands the unique struggles that come with upward mobility, made had a deep impact on her experience of being seen and understood as she went through Lean In. MAKE BANK.

For Gwyn, Lean In. MAKE BANK came at a time when she was already planning to raise her fees.

With the support of the other students in the program, she was able to follow through with her commitment to raise her fees to a level that allowed her to create a sustainable practice. She was also able to make some impressive changes to her private practice policies that will allow her to have a predictable and stable income, while also doing the depth-oriented work that she wants to do. Over and above the concrete changes, like an anticipated $1500/month revenue jump and a more stable income, Gwyn pushed herself to up her clinical game in a way that allowed her to confidently stand behind these improvements.

Is Lean In. MAKE BANK right for you?

Gwyn weighs in on how to think about whether investing in Lean In. MAKE BANK makes sense for you and your practice right now.

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