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In this episode, we are speaking with Erica Thomas, a Texas based Clinical Social Worker and Therapist. Erica focuses her practice on mother and daughter relationship as a way of helping shape future generations of women. Erica will be discussing how a very expensive reality check led her to drop insurance panels and pursue private practice.

In this episode, Erica will share:

Why she chose to start out on insurance panels;

How the “security blanket” of insurance panels cost her $15,000 dollars;

How being a Latinx woman from a working class family shaped her view on money;

One thing you can do to get off insurance panels now.

Resources mentioned:

Lean In. Make Bank.

Fun with Fees 

4 Steps to Raise Your Fee Workshop

More about Erica: 

Erica Thomas is a therapist with her own private practice in Liberty Hill, TX. She currently niches in  mother-daughter relationships, as a way of helping shape future generations of great, empowered  women. She draws experience through her 18+ years of being a clinician, seeing thousands of women  who have been impacted by their own relationships with their mothers and through her own personal  journey as a daughter and a mother. Erica gets to be the super proud mother of 3 amazing children (2  sons and 1 daughter) and the super lucky spouse of a husband who is her best friend and biggest  cheerleader. 

To Contact: (512) 777-0899, ​​https://vnclh.com/