E72: How A Significant Personal Loss Led Erin To Charging Premium Fees

In this episode, we’re speaking with Erin Collins, a therapist based out of Massachusetts. Erin focuses her work on teens and adults experiencing anxiety, as well as people healing from different types of loss.

After the father of Erin’s sons passed away from cancer, Erin had to step up and become the sole financial provider for her children. Along with this new role, Erin had to deal with her own grieving, and the grieving of her children. This difficult reality led Erin to rethink her views on private practice and premium fees.


Listen to the episode:

In this episode, Erin will share:

  • What it means to look at your financial reality despite being terrified;
  • Fears and strategies to overcoming the “I can’t” mindset regarding charging premium fees;
  • How doing the work to overcome an empathetic nature led her to where she is now;
  • How she was able to craft out a new life for herself and her children, despite the challenges she faced.

More about Erin

Erin is a psychotherapist in the Boston area specializing in anxiety, grief and loss. She is the mother of two teenage sons who lost their father two years ago to colon cancer. Erin is currently in the process of starting a second business as a life coach for women struggling with momfectionism.

To contact: https://www.erinpcollinstherapy.com/, 617-682-7376, erin@erinpcollinstherapy.com

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The Money Sessions podcast by Tiffany McLain, LMFT is full of deep, thoughtful, and sometimes raw conversations with real therapists who are in the midst of leaning into raising fees and making bank – all while working with the clients they are passionate about serving.

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