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In this episode, we’re speaking with Melisa Alaba, A Licensed Professional Counselor and Life Coach out of Marietta, GA. Melisa has been in practice since 2003. She currently works through private practice and a group practice specializing in helping professional women of color heal from emotional trauma and live extraordinary lives.  

Along with being a counselor and life coach, Melisa is the CEO of VisionWorks Coaching and Counseling. She is a Breakthrough Coach, Speaker, Published Author and Creator of the B’HEALED Transformation Process.

In this episode, Melisa will share:

What it was like as in the corporate setting;

How she was able to take care of herself and her family more efficiently, while making a bigger impact on her community;

Why she does not believe in the zero sum game;

Her approach to charging premium fees and valuing her work.

Resources mentioned:

Lean In. Make Bank.

Fun with Fees 

4 Steps to Raise Your Fee Workshop

More about Melisa: 

I’m Melisa Alaba.

CEO of Vision Works Coaching and Counseling, Breakthrough Coach, Speaker, Published Author, Creator of the B’HEALED transformation process, Mama, and chocolate lover. I’m a licensed counselor with a Masters in Psychology from Roosevelt University, and a Life and Happiness Coach.

My book – Live Out Loud: 52 Ways to Reawaken Your Spirit and Live a Life of Purpose – was featured in the movie 72 Hours.

My advice has been featured in Ebony Magazine, Ebony online, Parents Magazine, Redbook, ABC online. And I’ve made live appearances on Fox News and CBS as well as given talks at countless events.

For the past 20 years, I’ve coached hundreds of women of color to work through deep trauma, heal their wounds, have life-changing breakthroughs, and get to their next level. Find out more here:  Melisa Alaba on Youtube, To Contact: visionworkscoaching@gmail.com