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In this episode, we’re speaking with Shawny Sena, a Minnesota based License Marriage and Family Therapist. Shawny exclusively works with Transgender and Queer children and teens, helping them heal “deeper than language” through movement, art, stories, imagination, and music. 

Shawny has  wrestled with the complexity of charging premium fees while continuing to work with clients who come from marginalized communities. Today she has leveled up from the burnout of group practice to living the life she wants without compromising her integrity, values, and the community she loves to serve.

In this episode, Shawny will share:

Three signs that led her to raise her fees;

How her feelings towards participating in a racist and capitalist system, informed her decision around fees;

How she went from underpaid and overworked in group practice to charging premium fees in private practice, without compromising her clientele;

How doing the work in LIMB allowed her to change her fees ethically and confidently.

Resources mentioned:

Fun with Fees 

Lean In. Make Bank.

4 Steps to Raise Your Fee Workshop

More about Shawny: 

Shawny Sena is a marriage and family therapist based in Minneapolis, MN. She works with LGBTQIA kids, teens, and adults and specializes in reconnecting clients with their playful instincts and creativity, especially when they have been inhibited by developmental trauma. Her background in the arts, sex education, and play therapy guide her beliefs that pleasure and joy are the ultimate tools of healing.

To Contact: Shawny@ShawnySena.com