SWAN: The Exclusive Network for Premium Fee Clinicians.

SWAN is the only Network providing Strategic Wealth-building + Accountability specifically designed for premium fee, cash pay clinicians.


You’re ready to be ruthlessly honest about where you are now and where you want to go. You are committed to taking observable action steps to close that gap.

99.9% of your caseload pays your full fee and you only take on new clients at your premium fee.

You’re in an active season of growth and ready to be challenged and to challenge others to play a bigger game.

“I want to belong to a network that understands that my success is inevitable. ”

And together, we will make it so.


You are ready to go beyond superficial solutions. You want to understand the fundamental behaviors that will lead to massive growth.


You want a space that balances the DREAM and the Logistics while respecting the Emotional experience.


You crave the powerful support of a premium fee network of like-minded clinicians who are committed to upward mobility and generational change.


You recognize the importance of looking beyond quick wins to focus on long-term financial health and lifestyle design.


You understand the business growth is a reflection of personal growth.


You want the strategic map to increase your wealth, free time and psychic bandwidth and you want the guidance to do it in your own way.

Building business skills does ≠ Building a strategic business foundation

You’re caught up in 


Adding day-long intensives is NOT the solution

Though it may be part of a comprehensive plan

The problem comes when you go all in on intensives before getting clear on who you serve, how you serve them and why they would pay YOU $3,000 for a one day intensive.


Becoming an "Executive Coach" WON'T make your services more valuable

Clients won't magically appear with a title change

It doesn't matter whether you call yourself a "therapist" or an "executive coach," the obstacles that stop you from charging premium fees and having a waitlist for miles have nothing to do with your title.

Your ideal client is sharp. You must be just as savvy.


There IS no step-by-step plan that will work for every therapist.

This is where the sidewalk ends

This is the stage where you have to make strategic decisions about how you're going to fill up your premium fee practice, create value for your high ticket intensives or get thousands of people interested in your online program.

The fact is, there is no single step that will take you from $150k years to 300k years. This is where developing strategic thinking is everything.


Creating that online course won't SOLVE your burnout

There are only 2 situations in which building a course is the right answer

1) You've developed your platform as a thought leader and you have folks lining up to buy; or

2) You want to distract yourself from the hard work of deep self-reflection.

For most clinicians, building an online course falls under the second category.


No one can legitimately PROMISE a clear and simple path

YOUR MIND is the new path

Every course creators job is to give you one, specific, tangible win. To give you one next step on your journey.

It doesn't matter whether you pay $10 to learn that step or $10,000. Their goal is not to take you on the journey from beginning to end. The most important skill you can develop at this stage is the skill of strategic thinking.


Writing that book will NOT guarantee credibility

Real Talk

If you don't have a clear sense of your strategic order of operations, adding "write a book" to your to-do list isn't going to help.

I've seen too many therapists spend years writing that book with the hopes that it will change the game, only to finally release it to the resounding hum of 🦗's

Become The Strategic Thinker.

Instead of paying someone to think for you, hire someone to teach YOU how to think.

What could you acheive if you knew it was possible – for YOU?

If you had a crew at your back and the strategies to overcome any obstacle –


Quit hanging out with dream crushers and cultivate a community of cheerleaders who also answer your burning questions with warmth, respect, and actionable strategies


Identify WHICH generational and unconscious patterns are keeping you overworked and underpaid so you can move into conscious action


Have a lab to study your SELF: Who do you become when facing difficult obstacles and who will you become if you learn to move beyond them with curiosity, imagination and play


Have the courage to ask for what you want and THEN create the logistical roadmap to actually get there


Stay accountable to your growth - not just LEARN but actually IMPLEMENT and INTEGRATE


Make this whole thing possible. You don’t have the time and brain space to handle mini meltdowns about your financial situation and your stressful practice every day

Because frankly, when it comes to your potential…

you have only experienced the tip of the iceberg

Introducing SWAN

Our signature container systematically sets you up with Strategic Wealthbuilding + Accountability + a Premium Fee Network, so you can stop the shiny object syndrome and play the long game.

Consistent, Disciplined, Strategic, Actoin

1. Quarterly Roadmap Sessions

Begin each quarter with a comprehensive look at your vision: Your Do/Have/Be.

We will then help you bring it down to the next 90 days and mapping out your plan. 

You will start by being ruthlessly honest about where you are right now, getting crystal clear about where you want to be and identifying the obstacles between those two points.

The rest of the container is set up to help you consistently and relentlessly tackle those obstacles throughout the remainder of the quarter.

2. Access to Big Acheivers

We will bring in high performing guests who you would not typically have access to. You will be able to ask them questions that will guide you to overcome specific roadblocks on your journey towards your Do/HAVE/BE.

This might be a therapist who charges $1000/session or a television producer who books therapists on local news. Who we invite will be based on what you, our community, is asking for.

3. Implementation

With SWAN, we’ve set up a container, a “frame” within which you will GO – and we’ve developed and will continue to develop the tools, the frameworks, the network to help you continue to GO, even as you come up against real obstacles – whether that be the obstacle of time constraints, knowledge gaps, or lack of access to the key relationships you need to get to the next level.

4. Marketing Mindset

Learn the marketing patterns 6-Figure Therapists embody that allow them to work in a private practice that actually works.

The SWAN Process

This is how we do it

Roadmap Sessions: Every quarter, Tiffany will lead you through a group Roadmap Session. This will set the stage for clear action over the next 90 days.


Premium Fee Network: 24/7 Access to your Premium Fee Network. Surrounded by insight-oriented, action takers, how could you fail?

Guest Events: Monthly events with high performing guests who you would not typically have access to from a wide-range of industries and areas of expertise.

Office Hours: Ready to take serious action? Join Office Hours where you'll apply SWAN frameworks to help you make emotionally-informed strategic decisions as you move through your 90 day roadmap.

Deep Dives: Submit your application and we will select 2-3 obstacles twice per quarter for our famously uncomfortable, yet thrilling Deep Dive sessions with Tiffany.

SWAN Thinking Tools: Tiffany and the LIMB team will be highly involved in creating specific Frameworks and Thinking Tools tailored to solve the recurring challenges that our clinicians encounter.

Live Co-Working Sessions + Accountability: Join our live co-working sessions if you benefit from a scheduled hour set aside each month to quietly and strategically co-work with your peers + roadmap via our 3x’s per week accountability feedback process.

Intentional Expert Process: Establish yourself as THE go-to thought leader for your first 1,000 fans using our signature framework - The Intentional Expert. We'll be using this framework as the foundation to understand and implement value-creating services.

Building Wealth: Throughout the entire process, we'll keep our focus on building wealth - wealth of time, money, and emotional and psychic freedom. We are not just doing for doing-sake. We're taking intentional, focused, strategic action. Together.

Build an intimate relationship with the next generation of thought leaders - TODAY.

Can I tell you a secret?

“When I starting hanging out with VERY high earners, everything changed.”

Tiffany McLain, LIMB founder

Here’s what I know about you:

 You’re a star student.  FACT: You spent an extra 4-10 years in school that wasn’t required by law.

 This means you LOVE the step by step, one, two, three, “do this action and get an A+” way of navigating the world.

 The truth was, I did too!

But, there came a point in my business journey when the step by step “instructions” were no longer cutting it. 

When I reached a certain phase of professional growth: 👆🏽 that approach, won’t work.

 One thing we promise here at LIMB is that we’ll always live in reality with you, even if it’s a tough reality to inhabit.

 And this is what is real: There is NO one-size fits all, easy peasy, tried and true method to building your business beyond its current capacity.

When I started hanging out with Next Level achievers, I learned:

  • There were entirely new paradigms of wealth building through business that I’d never heard of;
  • The Long Game is the ONLY game;
  • Being around people who had mastered the game by building $2 million (or $50 million) businesses helped me get more strategic about what I’m doing right now.
  • In order to absorb these lessons, I had to get curious about the unconscious theater I’d be replaying for my entire life and I needed a clinical lens to help me do it. 

It became my mission to replicate what I saw happening in these high earning networks and bring it to my Banksters.

SWAN is your companion on the visionary level. 

While we are certainly equipped to get into some of the technicalities about marketing strategy, there is more – much more – to establishing wealth as a licensed mental health clinician.

S.W.A.N is not about tips, tricks and tactics. Instead, we’re about developing the strategic mind of the clinician.

We are not interested in giving you random tools for your marketing utility belt, but instead we’re about developing you – the craftsman.

We have created a very specific container within which you will do this work. 

This container is built to provide the missing elements to your entrepreneur journey as a premium fee clinician: Strategic Wealth-building + Accountability + a Network of premium fee colleagues.

ALL in service of increasing your capacity for wealth, freedom and ease. So you can invest your time in the activities that truly matter.

SWAN is…

Perfect for you if…


You’re patient, thoughtful, and emotionally mature. You’re committed to spending the time to build a successful business and you know this is a long game.


You're a LIMB graduate and 99.9% of your caseload pays your full fee and you only take your full fee for new clients.


You’re ready to be ruthlessly honest about where you are now and where you want to go. You are committed to taking observable action steps to close that gap.


You’re in an active season of growth and open to challenging others and being challenged.


You don’t want an info dump - you’re looking for a program that pushes you to take risks and be BOLD


While you may still experience some insecurity about charging premium fees, you are unwilling and uninterested in returning to the version of yourself who accepted earning less.

Not for you if…


You’re still on an insurance panel or two…or 17.


You’ve raised your fees for some of your caseload, but still struggling to have some of the trickier fee conversations.


You’re in a season of life where you want to Netflix and Chill. You’ve pushed and now you want to relax, sit back and reap the rewards of all your hard work.


You feel like you're merciless against the emotional rollercoaster that is life and you often find yourself overwhelmed by your day to day reality.


You are a shiny object seeker - you like to join programs but are not a big fan of consistent implementation.


You are looking for someone else to inspire and motivate you. While people tell DO me I can be inspiring, you and me both know my inspiration style subsists on direct, no-nonsense feedback and firm truths. No flattery and frip frap.


You still feel uncomfortable or defensive around direct feedback.


Will the SWAN work for someone like me?

Bottom line?

SWAN is for the ambitious, action-oriented therapist or social worker who is ready to confront – not confirm – their unconscious patterns and biases and build wealth unapologetically. Is that you?

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I'm busy and this sounds like a lot.

SWAN is designed to provide a lot of support to those who need it and a touch of support for those who want to dip and make the most effective use of their time.

Dip Therapists: We have some therapists who can attend one live Deep Dive session, get their clear next steps and peace out to take decisive and effective action for the next two months.

Dive Therapists: We have other therapists who LOVE the container of accountability, community and strategic conversation.

SWAN is meant to be the Premium Fee Network that provides you with solid, digestible Thinking Tools and direct guidance from those who have the knowledge you need right now.

Side Note: We’ll also encourage you to reflect on the reality of being “So Busy.”

If you’re so busy, but you do not have a clear vision of your roadmap + an understanding of what the single most efficient actions you can take to get there, then chances are you’re wasting time to avoid big moves. 

Will I make back the money I invest in SWAN within 90 days?

Meh. It’s possible.

Here’s a better question: Am  I the type of person who, when given access to people who have done what I want to do, can I capitalize on this knowledge in a way that allows me to take action over the next 90 days or 90 years that will fundamentally change the way I’m taking action in the world?

If the answer to that is yes, then SWAN is a very good fit.

Am I too advanced for this program?

That is, will everyone be sucking off the teets of my success while I gaze at the empty leadership gap above and gnash my teeth?

What if you thought about it thusly: I understand the spiral staircase of development. What seems like a novice problem at one phase of my career, will come back around and slap my upside the head when I take the next big leap. 

This means I can learn from anyone, at any stage, because their problems are my problems in disguise. I’ve never gone from a premium fee private practice to building a half-million dollar business while working chill hours and having an easeful family life, so I certainly can listen and learn.

Wait, that wasn’t a question. I don’t care! I’m a rebel, Tiffany. A REBEL.”

If I don’t like SWAN, can I get my money back?

We have a 14 day money back guarantee with SWAN.

Though, I can confidentally say that, if you are a good fit for SWAN, you won’t need that.

Here’s a more thoughtful question you can ask yourself, “Will I commit to squeezing the very last drop of wisdom out every single solitary tool, resource, and human I encounter when I invest in a program, not only for myself, but also because I cannot wait I to pass this wisdom onto those around me in order to benefit everyone in my ecosystem?”

If the answer is yes, then come on in.

What if my caseload is still small?

You can have a caseload of 20 premium fee clients or 2 and still have the mindset to be a great candidate for SWAN.

It’s less about what your caseload looks like in this moment and more about your attitude around playing the entrepreneurial game and giving back to your Network.

AND – you ability to play the long game.

With SWAN, we are intentionally cultivating a community of curiosity and play where we experiment with taking risks, listen to the parts of ourselves that show up and experience the pleasurable discomfort that comes with growth.

If you are in a place of true financial desperation that leads to constant feelings of urgency and anxiety, this is not a good time to join.

If you always have some money anxiety, but also have more than enough financial support to cover the investment, than this is very good place to continue building financial security while also keeping an investigative lens on this money anxiety story that keeps vigil in your life.

6. Can I afford it?

SWAN has been designed for premium fee clinicans.

This means, you can make back the entire monthly price of the program with about 2-2.5 sessions. 

In fact, we’d like you to be able to make back the price so SWAN with 1 session. 

If you want to learn from people who are charging premium fees for services like 1 day intensives, power couple sessions, online programs or just plain old individual therapy, this is the place you will do it.

We will be continually pushing you to understand pricing and perception when creating offers of value. We will challenge you to experiment with increasing the amount you are charging and then lean into the results with a keen strategic lens so you can understand what YOU have to do in order to increase the value you are creating in the world. 

We don’t just create for creation’s sake. I mean, sure, go build a puzzle or paint a picture if you like.

But SWAN is for entrepreneurs who feel creatively inspired BY CREATING THINGS THAT PEOPLE WANT TO BUY and are enthralled with playing that game. 

7. Will SWAN give me the exact steps to fill my caseload in 90 days, guaranteed?

Here’s how I approach these types of questions when I’m trying to figure out whether or not an investement is strategic at this stage of my business growth.

I ask, “Will I learn how to ask the types of questions that will allow me to make strategic decisions about my business, so I can ultimately create my own steps to fill my caseload – or tackle any other professional endeavor I set my sights on?”

If you are the type of person who answers “Yes” to the question above, you’re a great fit for SWAN.


8. If I choose the monthly option, can I cancel anytime?

No, ma’am.

SWAN requires a 6 month committment. We created the monthly option to make it accessible to those of you who are still working on your money moves.

We’ve set up a container, a “frame” within which you will GO – and we’ve developed and will continue to develop the tools, the frameworks, the community to help you continue to GO, even as you come up against real obstacles – whether that be the obstacle of time constraints, knowledge gaps, or lack of access to the key relationships you need to get to the next level.

This will take time.

For this reason, you must make a 6-month commitment to SWAN.

That will give us time to get to know you and it will give you time to be known.

You can pay one full price of $2,999 or you can commit to a 6-month payment plan of $547/month. SWAN automatically renews after 6 months, unless you give us advanced notice.

If folks take advantage of the monthly offer by jumping out before your 6 month committment is over, we’ll remove that option (and also get better at screening!).

9. Who are the guest speakers?

Our first SWAN guest line up is all about studying the strategies and the mindset of premium fee therapists who are generating consistent high fee referrals.

With each of our guests, we’ll be dissecting what – exactly – they are doing RIGHT when it comes to generating referrals and working with you to find out where you can apply their strategies to YOUR situation.