Congratulations for being accepted into the first cohort of Lean In. Make Bank.*

This is an experimental program that mixes individual consulting with Moi, along with a group component and an online course that will take you from being anxious, worried, guilt-ridden and confused about setting fees to feeling inspired, creative, and BOLD!

I have chosen you because you are an ideal candidate for the program that I have in my mind palace and, based on your application, you have a high chance of success. Over the next few months, I will take you and the group through a program that is tailored made based on your unique experiences around your private practice.

The Timeline

Each member of the group will have a 45 minute one-to-one with Tiffany where we will deep dive into your money issues. During this time, I will be filling out the course materials based on the things YOU are telling me you need in order to feel confident, successful and ready to ROLL – along with all the other materials I have been building over the past two years.

June: The course begins! In June, I will release weekly modules (with the exception of the week of June 19th, as I will be preparing for the live collaboration event with Allison Puryear of Abundance Practice!) that will include a mix of video lessons, worksheet exercises and tutorials. During this time, we will also have at least two group calls (but probably more because I love this shit) where you can weigh in about what you want more of and what you could do without.

June-July: We’ll have our final one-to-one call! In this follow up call, you will be able to get clarity on anything you want to get solid on, ask any questions you have and get actionable strategies for any areas where you want some extra bolstering, action items or swift kick-in-the-assery.

You. Me. 

We’re going to rock this thing.