Meet Melanie.

A therapist who helps women in recovery by engaging their creative side.

Melanie immediately increased her monthly revenue by $240 using Lean In. MAKE BANK.  

Melanie is a D.C. based therapist who works with women in recovery and helps them get in touch with their creative side in order to find purpose in their lives.

She was initially excited that her practice filled up quickly when she got on insurance panels, but she quickly realized it was not panning out as she’d hope. Despite having a full practice, she was unable to make ends meet and live the life she really wanted.

Melanie became aware of the fact that, even with her private pay clients, there was a big disparity between what her stated full fee was and what she was actually charging, yet she couldn’t bring herself to talk to her clients about fee.

She realized something had to change.

Melanie was hesitant to join Lean In. MAKE BANK. because she had a primarily insurance based practice.

She knew the program was about implementing changes, but she worried that she would be limited because her practice was mostly made up of insurance based clients and she knew this would limit her opportunity to make changes.

“The program made a significant difference in how I think about insurance. It helped me to go into all of the emotions around money and feel more confident and clear that I need to and can be making the kind of money that I want to make.”

Melanie knew that if she wanted to create a sustainable and profitable practice, she would need to do something different.

Melanie was surprised to discover how much the program improved her clinical skill.

“I’m more grounded. I don’t feel like i have to apologize for asking for more.”

Melanie didn’t even realize how much her own money anxiety was holding her back and impacting her ability to show up for her clients. The money stuff wasn’t really about money, but really about the fear of clients rejecting her or becoming angry with her.

“It helped me get myself and my personal stuff out of the way, so I could be a better clinician.”

By going through the program, Melanie was able to go into new realms with her clients and help them go deeper in the work, as well.

Melanie was surprised to discover a group of kindred spirits with the Lean In. MAKE BANK. She thought she was entering a program to learn about finances, and instead found an entire community that challenged her and supported her in finding out who she was – as a business person, a therapist and simply as a human in the world.

Lean In. MAKE BANK. is certainly not right for everyone. It is vital that you are in the place where you are ready to do the work and challenge yourself to step it up.

In this video, Melanie talks about what type of therapist is right for LIMB.

If the program isn’t right for you, no problem! But if you have even an inkling that your money anxieties are impacting your clinical work, creating an obstacle to your professional success and keeping you from creating the practice that you dreamt about all those moons ago when you first decided to take the leap, then Melanie has a message just for you:

If you were confident charging full fee, how would you show up differently in the world?