Meet Brennan.

After the end of a serious romantic relationship, she realized it was time to be her own knight in shining armor.

Brennan anticipates doubling her income based on the changes she made as a result of Lean In. MAKE BANK.


Brennan started out in community mental health and she was burning out fast.

She was excited to make the leap to a holistic group practice where she could develop her specialty of helping individuals with their spiritually based identity. She quickly realized, however, that she still carried the community mental mindset of scarcity and guilt with her to the group practice.

“I still had that community mental health mindset of ‘of course you have to take insurance, there’s no other option and you’re not doing good by the world if you’re not seeing people who are the most impoverished.’”

But after a disappointing breakup caused her to re-imagine her future, she realized that an insurance-based practice was unsustainable if she wanted to take care of herself and her clients in the long run. But her guilt about becoming inaccessible to underserved communities held her back.

She realized something had to change.

Once Brennan discovered Lean In. MAKE BANK. she was excited to join.

Brennan wanted to understand how to build a profitable and sustainable practice while still holding her integrity around being of service. After following HeyTiffany.Com, she became aware that the program would challenge her to think deeply about her own money issues and understand how to connect her principles of self-care and spiritual growth with her desire to create a bigger impact.

Brennan was surprised to discover how much the program improved her clinical skill.

Lean In. MAKE BANK. helped Brennan to get clear about her financial situation and address the internal barriers that kept her from making the changes. She was able to raise her full fee to $225 and began the process of leaving all insurance panels.

Brennan realized that if she set her fees right, she could provide a sliding scale, while still be able to invest in herself and her practice in way that she could not do when caught up in the regulations and paperwork of insurance panels.

“Next year, I’m looking to make twice as much money as I did this year, which will feel really really good.”

Brennan finally feels peace around money.

Brennan knew she things would change as a result of this program, but the intangible gains were beyond what she imagined. Where shame had once held her back from implementing changes that would allow her to have financial independence, she know feels at peace with the decisions she’s made and has the tools to address these changes in the clinical setting.

She was also surprised to discover how money was present in the clinical room in ways that she was blind to. As a result of Lean In. MAKE BANK., Brenna was able to approach the previously unconscious ways clients were relating to her and themselves around money, and this uncovered an entirely new vein of clinical material, transference and countertransference.

“It’s been a way to unleash some things that we don’t really talk about and power and assumptions we make about ourselves and what we’re capable of.”

Lean In. MAKE BANK. is certainly not right for everyone. It is vital that you are in the place where you are ready to do the work and challenge yourself to step it up.

Brennan not only provides therapy services, but she also provides consultation services for therapists who have questions about spirituality/religion in a psychotherapeutic context. Learn more here.

“If you’re open to it, you’re gonna find things that you want to do differently and then you’re gonna have to do it for your own integrity. If you want to grow, if you want to change, if you want to be a better professional, then jump in.”  

In this clip, Brennan talks about the kind of therapist that this program is right for.

What would you do with an extra $1000/month in your bank account?