Case Study

Meet Erin

Erin is a psychoanalyst (and family breadwinner) who recently left a thriving practice in New York to start a new practice in Colorado.

The Lean In. MAKE BANK. Academy helped her gain the confidence to continue charging premium fees, despite starting her practice anew.

Her Story:

Erin is a new mother and the family breadwinner. While she was able to build a booming practice in New York city, she was afraid that she might not be able to charge as much in Colorado. Her anxiety about being able to build a successful, full-fee, premium priced practice was impacting her confidence.

Why She Joined:

Erin knew she had to get real about her financial situation and that she needed to dive into her money fears if she wanted to build the right kind of practice – one that would support her family and her clients in a sustainable way. She knew that leaning into her anxiety would make her a better business woman, mother and clinician.


Erin discovered the confidence to set her fees high so she could create the practice that served her versus the other way around. She tightened up her cancellation policy and challenged herself to invest in her practice and get into financial integrity in all areas of her life. She feels solid going into phone calls with new clients and has begun marketing her practice with vigor.


When Erin closed a thriving practice in New York city to move to Colorado, she discovered new anxieties about her fee.

I used to be a naturally skeptical person.

Sure, I followed all of the online greats – Marie Forleo, Pat Flynn, Amy Porterfield & so many more. Getting my master’s degree in Clinical Psychology gave me tons of education around how to help others change their lives, but it gave me zero education about how to actually get clients into my office. While I knew I wanted to invest in learning about building and running a successful business – online, as well as offline – whenever I imagined actually paying for an online program, I found myself wondering,

“Is this a scam?!”

Here I was wanting to learn how to create an online business that could impact hundreds (let’s be real, thousands of lives) by bringing what I learned about human psychology and behavior – and yet I was skeptical of those very people I wanted to become. The irony was not lost on me.

Erin had never before heard of Tiffany or Lean In. MAKE BANK. but she realized she had to figure out this fee stuff, so when she learned about the program, she was eager to dive in.

Erin was attracted to a program that explored money and therapy in a nuanced way. As someone who has invested so much of her own time and energy into understanding the complexities of the human mind, she knew that she wanted to learn from someone who paid attention to both the conscious and unconscious aspects of fee setting.

“When you are talking about the money stuff, I know that there is all this unconscious stuff going on… it was really specifically the idea that it was going to be a deeper dive at what was going on for me that needs to be addressed long term.”

Lean In. MAKE BANK. was exactly what she was looking for.

About the Impact

As someone who has studied and engaged in psychoanalysis for over fifteen years, Erin thought she was very experienced in diving into most aspects of the human experience. She was caught off guard to learn in Lean In. MAKE BANK. that there was an entire swath of clinical work that had eluded her.

“I really was most surprised by how much I had been ignoring… I have been stunned to realize how much I do not approach.”

She has become a better clinician by virtue of going through Lean In. MAKE BANK.

Erin was surprised and delighted by the depth of connection she found in the LIMB community.

While Erin knew she had her own money shit to work out, she never imagined how much she would gain by having access to such a high quality community of clinicians that were also attracted to the program. She had come expecting a dry module based, online course and instead found a rich, challenging and insightful group of therapists who were invested in changing the ways we think and talk about about money in psychotherapy.

“I did not expect such a phenomenal community to develop so quickly.”

Lean In. MAKE BANK. is not for every therapist. In this video, Erin gets real about what it takes to succeed in LIMB.

If you’re on the fence about  joining, Erin has a message just for you:

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