Meet Vanessa:

The New York psychoanalyst who didn’t realize the ways her unconscious money narratives were leaving her broke.

With one small change, Vanessa will be earning at least an extra $16,800 in 2018 from what she learned during Lean In. MAKE BANK.

“I always had this fear that I wouldn’t make enough or would make just barely enough.”

Vanessa, a sensitive, introverted therapist had only been in practice for one year and she initially used this to justify her inability to make ends meet. But she couldn’t shake the fear that this inability to get ahead financially wasn’t just about being new, but about something deeper.

She knew that the money stuff between the therapist and the client was important, but she didn’t quite know how to dive into it and really address money issues – both in her sessions, and within her own life.

With such a tiny income coming in and bills to pay, Vanessa initially thought she would never be able to afford a program like Lean In. MAKE BANK.

Even though Vanessa “technically” charged $175, she couldn’t imagine anyone actually paying her that, so she continually slid her scale to accommodate everyone else, while neglecting herself.

Vanessa realized that, while it would be difficult, the benefits of diving deep and understanding her hang-ups around money would be worth it. Opting for the payment plan, made her decision to join Lean In. MAKE BANK. easy, but the real reason she joined was because she wanted to go deep and get to the root of what was keeping her private practice from financially thriving.

“I really don’t like those classes where you just like get a list of things to do and it completely discounts your stuff around it… it was because you were offering to go deep that it was, for me, that it was worth doing.”

Vanessa used to be nervous when stating her fears, backpedaling and offering to take whatever a potential patient could afford.

After following the steps laid out in Lean In. MAKE BANK., this has changed. Drastically.

“What I didn’t realize was that I had a lot of shame around wanting money, even just wanting.”

Vanessa was surprised to discover destructive patterns around her money habits that were impacting her ability to keep her grow.

“I kept myself poor. I kept reliving my childhood of poverty where you have enough for necessities, but not enough for pleasures or joys.”

Vanessa was familiar with Tiffany’s style as a depth-oriented thinker, so she knew the course would go deep, but she had no idea about the depth of relationships she’d experience as a result of Lean In. MAKE BANK.

Vanessa and Tiffany are surprised and delighted when they actually sat down and did the math together.

Even though Vanessa had done a ton of work and experienced tectonic shifts, she hadn’t actually sat down and reflected on the actual financial impact of the changes she’d made.

In this clip, watch Vanessa look stunned to realize how much more she’ll be earning in 2018, as a result of the changes she made during Lean In. MAKE BANK.

Is Lean In. MAKE BANK. the right fit for you?

Lean In. MAKE BANK. is certainly  not for everyone, but if you’re a clinician who knows you have a lot to offer, but guilt, anxiety and shame are leaving you feeling isolated and unable to create the practice that you wanted to create when first starting out, listen to what Vanessa was surprised to discover as a result of participating in LIMB.

What if earning more was just the beginning?