Case Study

Meet Montoyia

The military veteran and Mom who wanted to increase her income from her part-time practice.

She earned $600 extra in her private practice within just 30 days of completing


Her Story:

Montoyia works full time at her agency job and has a small private practice on the side. Tired of long hours and a stressful environment, she realized she would have to invest in tackling her money mindset if she wanted to take her practice to the next level and build a future where she could ultimately be her own boss, without sacrificing her quality of life financially.

Why She Joined:

Montoyia knew she had gotten as far as she could by doing self-study and casual engagement in Facebook communities. She decided it was time to use Lean In. MAKE BANK to get tailored feedback about how her money mindset was holding her back.


Montoyia surprised herself by having the confidence to raise her fees across her private practice, talk directly to her clients about investing in therapy and earned an $600 increase in her income the month immediately following Lean In. MAKE BANK.


Money is a big deal to Montoyia.

She looks to see how people are managing their money as a way to learn something about who they were, but when it came to her own practice, she knew fear was getting in the way of her dreams.

One of the reasons Montoyia wanted to join Lean In. Make Bank. is that she recognized her own difficulty valuing her services and she knew this was impacting her ability to raise her fee. While in the program, Montoyia realized that she was counting herself out in anticipation that new potential clients would reject her if she stated her full fee. Because of this, she certainly wasn’t bringing in the kind of income she had dreamed about when she first decided to start her part time private practice.

After the course, she was able to, not only see how valuing her work for her business, but she also began to see how addressing her money mindset allowed her to be a better clinician. She knew it wasn’t about making money OR helping people. Through LIMB she was able to connect the dots and see how she had to get comfortable with money in order to really show up for her clients and impact their lives in a big way.

Before joining Lean In. Make Bank, Montoyia had a secret desire to raise her fee to $80, but a friend’s difficulty getting clients at that fee made her nervous, so she decided on $75/session (and had clients even below that) because she was afraid that no one would pay her if she raised the fee.

Montoyia had a feeling there was something she was missing when it came to understanding the role of money in therapy (and life), but she knew there were questions out there that she didn’t even know how to ask

In her city, there were not a lot of therapists who were authentic and full force ahead. She KNEW she needed to be surrounded by a community success-minded therapists if she was going to take her practice to the next level, so she decided to join the program.

The results?

“I was able to Increase my rates comfortably, talk about my rates confidently and no longer feel like I need to make accommodations for others to pay to see me.”

Leaning into your money mindset isn’t about charging $200/session and leaving behind the people you are passionate about serving. Quite the opposite, in fact! By tackling your money shit, you get real life experience learning how to stand firmly in who you are and what you have to offer, and in so doing – you are better equipped to help your clients do the same.

While Montoyia knew she wanted to confront and shift her own money scripts, she didn’t realize that leaning into her anxieties about money would result in a $600 increase in just a month after taking the program. With the skills she learned, exponential growth is inevitable. She can now see a way clear path out of her agency job and into private practice full time.


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