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Want a profitable and sustainable practice where you can MAKE BANK whiiiiiIIIIIIle, of course, giving back to the clients that you love to serve?

Then streamline that shit! If you’re ready to be a professional and charge the big bucks, you gotta get systems in place that help you work less, while earning more. It makes life easier for you and your clients.

I’m keeping these recommendations short and sweet because I know your time is precious, so here are some top resources I recommend. Whether you’re just starting out or have been at it for a while, these are some hacks that will help you be way more efficient so you can do what you love, like eating Kettle Chips and riding your bicycle in the sun and MAGNETS. #alwayssunnyinphiladelphia

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Systems To Run Your Practice


If you have a practice, but you don’t have a practice management system – you GOT to get on board.

Practice Management System (PMS): Where you put all your notes, schedule your clients and do your billing. (Time to ditch the paper, maestro!)

I highly recommend TherapyPartner. They are freakin’ RAD and their system rocks! They’ve been around the longest and they are super-friendly and the company was founded by a super badass chick – Jessica Dolgan.

Official Speil: TherapyPartner’s practice management technology continues to be an industry leader, helping clinicians across the country to streamline the business side of their business so they can truly earn more and thrive! The software intuitively learns your practice preferences (Tiffany Note: SO COOL), quickly streamlining all of your business of practice needs. The technology automatically ties all administrative processes together including appointment scheduling, reminders, billing, automated/encrypted statements, progress notes and more! Therapy Partner conforms to your practice needs whether you’re a solo provider or managing a group practice. Therapy Partner is the only practice management company that offers dedicated support and Love Your Practice, a Free business education division designed just for clinicians. It’s no wonder 98% of clinicians that try TherapyPartner become loyal customers, and clinicians increase revenue by 20% the first year on board. Finally, a practice management solution that truly allows you to focus on clinical care; save money and time, all while increasing revenue!  

I scored you two free months to try it out!

==> Click HERE provide a promo code of “tmclain” you’ll get those Free Months of TherapyPartner’s practice management software and start making BANK in your practice.

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Okay, okay. I didn’t like thinking about paperwork when I first started either, but let me tell you what! Once you deal with that shit, life becomes 100% better. Setting up your policies and figuring out what to say doesn’t have to be hard, because OTHER PEOPLE HAVE ALREADY DONE IT FOR YOU.

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Spend a coupla chickens for the piece of mind of having it all done for you.

Let’s face it, building and growing your dream practice is difficult! Paperwork is another expense on the long list of to dos. You KNOW having the right paperwork is essential to avoid legal issues. Knowing you need legal and ethical paperwork is overwhelming, time consuming and expensive. You’re a clinician, not a lawyer, for fuck’s sake.

Some of my faaaave business besties, Kate and Katie over at The Private Practice Startup have spent over 100+ hours studying the laws, rules and ethics and paid thousands of dollars in attorney fees so you don’t have to. Thanks ladays!

Here’s your chance to grab your Customizable, Attorney Approved Private Practice Forms Right. Now. Easy Peasy AND – you guessed it – coupon codes. You’re welcome, ma’h dea’h.

==> CLICK HERE and grab your FREE HIPAA form. 

Want aaaaalll the paperwork?!

Use these coupon codes and SAVE moolah:

SAVE40 = $40 OFF the Base Package. : Includes all kinds of magic like a Welcome Letter, Process Note Template, Consent forms and more! 

SAVE80 = $80 OFF the Peak Package: Includes even MORE magic, like Psych Evals, Release of Information, Insurance agreements and MORE. 

If you don’t want to make it all up, just start here and don’t forget to use the coupon code!

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Thank You Gift of the Year


I love, Love, LOVE to send gifts to folks aaaAAAAand, I’m not too great when it comes to finding out what to send. Okay, that’s a lie. I discovered  Greetabl through my faaavie Allison Puryear and I’ve used that sucker like a rabbit in heat (wait, what?).

I’ve sent gifts to therapists as Thank You’s, my pops for Father’s Day and friends, just be-freakin’ CUZ. One of my favooorite parts of earning over 6-figures is that I get to send GIFTS without freaking out or wondering, “But can I afford it?!”

Greetabl makes it suuuuUUUUUUuuper easy to send really nice, personalized gifts to everyone in your life (YES, even your crabbity landlord), so if you’re starting out a practice and really want to make a personalized connection, I’m telling you – this is the place to start.

PLUS – you can get 15% off if you CLICK HERE, cuz clearly that’s how ah’m rolling with this resources pizaaage.