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In Today’s episode of The Money Sessions we are talking with Maya Jakob, a licensed therapist in Canada and Lean In. MAKE BANK. alum who is blowing it out of the water. 

Maya is going to share with us how she went from earning $22/hour in her community mental health job to charging $160/session. She’s going to talk about her process leaving her non-profit, what it meant to rebuild her professional relationships and how 2020, the year of COVID, was her practice’s best year yet.

In this episode, Maya will share:

What it took for her to leave her non-profit and start her own practice;

What it took for her to build new relationships in the premium fee world;

How difficult it was for her to confront her cancellation policy lapses and how she streamlined her fees AND no-show policies;

How her private practice has now surpassed six figures and has a booked schedule, despite a global pandemic.

Resources mentioned:

Lean In. Make Bank.

Fun with Fees Calculator

4 Steps to Raise Your Fees

More about Maya: 

I support women as they exit out of painful relationships and into the peace and calm that exists through healing as they connect to their truth and live it.

Our work together starts by mapping out an individualized plan of support which recognizes not only the impacts of pain but how our experience of hurt affect our relationship navigation.

Find more at: www.truegritcounselling.ca