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In this episode, we get to hear from Ohio based therapist Zoey Holguin who defied the odds by going cash pay in her insurance based town and how this gave her the space to start an online business and scale up her practice. Why this change? Because, despite having filled her practice in 8 months, she found out that she still wasn’t happy. By asking herself why this was, everything began to change, including implementing a no-cancellation policy.

In this episode, Zoey will share:

How resentment helped her realize it was time to get off insurance panels;

What it felt like to go off insurance panels in an insurance-dominated town; 

How she responded to a client who questioned her cash-pay model; 

How it felt to implement a NO-CANCELLATION policy; 

How getting in touch with the reality of her financial situation helped her become a better clinicians; 

  What it’s like to charge more than most therapists in her area!

How you can scale up and earn more by adopting a CEO mindset. 

Resources she used:

Lean In. Make Bank.

Therapist CEO FB Community

Jane Carter Coaching

More about Zoey: 

Zoey Holguin is an Independent Marriage and Family Therapist with a Supervisor Designation, a California native and a Cleveland, Ohio transplant operating a small group practice specializing in emotionally focused therapy for couples.

Most of her career has been spent in leadership roles and she has found a real passion for assisting therapists in leading others well. This combined with a passion for entrepreneurial endeavors and the immediate desire to scale her own practice past the one-to-one model lead her to create of a community for therapists — The Therapist Leader — Leadership Coaching & CEO Mindset Training for Psychotherapists. This is a community for psychotherapists to gather resources, training and support to refine their practices, scales their business and work on their leadership skills — all foundational pillars of business growth.

Zoey loves to spend time with her nieces, is a budding crazy cat lady/mom to Coco and Polly and is pretty much obsessed with all things true crime. Find more at: www.thetherapistleader.com