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Kyra Grossman is doing everything right – he’s raised his fees, is able to afford nice vacations, and he’s finally earning enough to pay for retirement and up his professional game by paying for things like for great consultation, yet he can’t shake the feeling that he is on the path to becoming a selfish, greedy capitalist human being.

Look, money stuff can be h.e.a.v.y. and it’s not resolved overnight. Heck! It may not be resolved in a lifetime. This is why I am really excited to bring you this episode where we speak to a therapist who is right in the thick of the struggle. Warning: This episode doesn’t end with a nice bow. In this episode, we explore what happens when we are left with a sense of dread about who we will become when wealth becomes part of our money story. 

I got to know Kyra well during Lean In. MAKE BANK. He’s a great therapist and a very thoughtful human being – kind, direct, smart. And yet! As you will hear in this episode, he worries about who he will become as he earns more.

He expresses a fear that a lot of therapists have. In this episode we actually have the important conversation that many therapists are too afraid to dive into. No worries, my love! We’ll go first. 

More about Kyra:

Kyra Grosman, Psy.D. is a licensed psychologist in private practice in Park Slope, Brooklyn. He works with LGBTQ folks struggling with anxiety, depression, and relationship difficulties live bolder, more fulfilled lives.