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In this episode, we get to hear from New York psychoanalyst Teresa Solomita. Teresa and I go waaay back. Well, way back to 2017 when she participated in a beta marketing program I was testing out. While I pulled the plug on the program, our friendship has remained electrifying (see what I did there?). In this episode, you get to hear both of us talk shop about what we see our therapists (she runs a consultation group for clinicians) struggling with the most when it comes to setting and raising fees, working clinically with the symbol of money and even just wanting to earn money in a profession where talking money is taboo. 

In this episode, Teresa and I will share :

How Teresa set premium prices and then found clients who were eager to pay;

What it was like to change her schedule to work for her, despite fears that people would leave ; 

How money shows up in her clinical consultation group with other NYC-based clinicians; 

How her work changed when she finally starting setting premium fees; 

What it’s like when two nutty analytically-oriented therapist friends start recording themselves. 

Resources she used:

More about Teresa: 

Teresa Solomita, LCSW-R, is a psychoanalyst and graduate of CMPS, The Center for Group Studies, and The Couples Institute.  Teresa has been in practice for over 15 years, specializing in working with people who are struggling in their relationships and have a desire to change. She is in private practice in Brooklyn and NYC where she works with individuals, couples and groups. https://www.therapy2change.com/