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In this episode, we hear from Memphis based therapist Montoyia McGowan. Montoyia was one of my earlier LIMB students and she rocked it in terms of really leaning into her money mindset stories and challenging the narratives that she had adopted from her family of origin and society at large. Her journey is far from finished, but in this episode, you’ll get to hear what it has been like for Montoyia to begin recognizing that her clinical work is valuable after a lifetime of hearing – in some form or another – that POC’s don’t really have anything to offer. 

In this episode, Montoyia will share:

How she started her own private practice as a woman of color and overcame her fear of charging premium fees, despite what other therapists were charging;

How she set her fees to reflect the value of her work;

Why charging a higher rate does not make you selfish

How she determined her worth as an individual and as a therapist, rather than listening to society at large;

Three realizations she had about why she needed to raise her fee and how she decided what to raise her fee to;

How raising her fees allowed her to show up differently for her clients and actually improved her clinical work!

Resources mentioned:

Lean In. Make Bank.


Chit Chat

More about Montoyia: 

Montoyia McGowan, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, is a mental wellness therapist who uses Stopping the Chase Counseling and Consulting to help empower others to stop the mentally exhausting cycle of chasing people, places, things and relationships we often feel would contribute to our happiness. Montoyia helps clients consider perspectives that empower them to learn to be more intentional with their thought life and their outside relationships. She walks along side of the working well, artists, creatives and entrepreneurs who desire a more emotionally healthy life.