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Welcome to the last episode of 2019 and of Season 1! We’re so excited to dive into 2020 and continue bringing you stories of therapists making changes in their practice and learning more about how this impacts their clinical work. BUT, in this new year, this new decade, we’re on a mission to discuss not only financial wealth, but emotional wealth as well. 

We’ll be hearing more about family narratives and the stories we’ve been told about money. This includes beliefs instilled in us by our families or origin, but also our professional upbringing. What does it mean to build financial and emotional wealth for generations to come? Stay tuned to find out!

Coming up in Season 2:

Now that you’re earning more money, how do we actually keep it?

Can we build financial wealth without going into emotional debt?

What do we therapists, who come from working class backgrounds, miss when it comes to finances?

And much more!

Don’t forget! I am adding a mailbag Q&A segment to The Money Sessions. If you’d like me to answer your question in an episode,  click here to record your question and send it along. I’m excited to incorporate your Q’s into the show.

You can ask things like:

    • I filled out the Fun with Fees worksheet, and my fee came out to [$500 or $90] ==> Did I do something wrong?!
    • Literally no one in my area charges more than $100 bucks cash money, and everyone is on insurance. How can I possibly still get clients?
    • When I think about charging more, I worry about all the people who can’t afford a full fee. How can I reconcile my desire to give back to my community with my desire to actually earn a great living?

Include as much detail about your unique situation as you can and I’ll be excited to take up your question on air.

See you all in 2020!